What's Your Word? Setting your Intention for 2017

by Jamie Constantakos, PHR, SHRM-CP, on January 02, 2017

It’s 2017!  A brand new year.  A blank slate.  A fresh start. 

This is always an exciting time for me. There’s a feeling of renewal and restored energy.  At the end of every year, I reflect on the past year.  What did I accomplish?  Did I fulfill my goals?  Was it a “good” year?  My reflection of the past quickly turns to plans for the New Year.  I usually write down a list of resolutions/goals for the entire year, and then put that list on my refrigerator.  However, by the time February rolls around, the list is buried underneath papers, photos, coupons, recipes, etc. and is quickly forgotten.

This year I came across a new concept for me: Setting an intention statement.

I guess this has been a “thing” for quite a while now. Just think, I’ve spent all these years making lists of New Year’s Resolutions, and now all I need to do is pick a word - a power word that I want to focus on and drive me through the year.  A word that will guide my actions, choices and goals.  A word that speaks to me and moves me towards the life I want to live. 

My 2017 word is BALANCE.This year I am striving for balance in the various elements of my life.  Work, Home, Family, Self, Health, and financial.

How will I gain the balance I'm seeking? Goal setting will provide me with the steps, motivation and guidance to achieve this balance. Instead of a year’s worth of goals, I am focusing on weekly and monthly goals. Monthly goals are more achievable, doable and manageable.   Life is fluid.  Things change constantly.  Goals and priorities change.  

Write your goals down and review them often.   Use a planner just for work.  Your priorities and tasks at work change week to week, day to day, hour to hour.  I find daily and weekly goals keeps me organized and on task.  I have a separate notebook for the other elements of my life.   My goals for work and my personal life are specific with deadlines and a time frame.  Of course, with anything, you need to allow for flexibility.

Your intention word should be positive. Write it down in several places where it is visible.  Print the word and frame it. 

Here are some examples of other intention words you could use if you’re having trouble coming up with one that really speaks to you.

  • Patience
  • Gratitude
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Listen
  • Be
  • Simplify
  • Joyful
  • Wellness
  • Laughter
  • Love

So, what will your intention be for 2017? I’d love to hear from you.  Share your one-word below and let’s make this a meaningful year where we reach for our goals and capture our vision, our purpose… our dreams!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." - C.S. Lewis

Jamie Constantakos, PHR, SHRM-CP

Jamie Constantakos is LandrumHR's on-site Human Resources Manager at Jupiter Bach. She has been with LandrumHR in the Staffing division for seven years and started as an HR specialist in our Industrial Division. Prior to working at LandrumHR, Jamie spent 13 years as a Personnel Specialist with nationwide staffing company, Adecco, in South FL and Pensacola. She earned her PHR in 2012 and is a certified SHRM-CP. She has a B.S. Degree in Psychology from University of Florida.

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