• How to Implement Productive Conflict Management Strategies

    “I’m fed up, but I don’t know how to tell you!"

    Over 70% of employees in the workplace are exposed to some kind of workplace conflict every day. Ideally, conflict is resolved with minimal productivity loss and intact relationships, but mastering the skills to manage uncomfortable situations can be tricky.  Employers that nurture strong conflict resolution skills in their employees and leaders are not only able to effectively navigate these workplace issues, but their workplaces experience more collaboration, productivity, and employee retention because their employees don’t fall into typical ineffective behaviors and conduct. 

    Join us on Thursday, May 18 as Justine A. Carroll, LandrumHR Managing Consultant, provides constructive strategies to help you manage workplace conflict successfully to enable your workforce to become more confident and collaborative.

    In this session, attendees will learn how to:
    1. Use constructive strategies to manage workplace conflict successfully
    2. Enable their workforce to become more confident and collaborative

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    How to Implement Productive Conflict Management Strategies | May 18 | 10 AM CT LandrumHR
  • System Demo | LandrumHR Time

    LandrumHR Time provides a streamlined and accurate timekeeping process. By using LandrumHR Time, you can free up hours of administrative work for you and your employees. 

    Our experts are available for a 30 minute, 1-on-1 system demo that provides a complete walkthrough of the LandrumHR Time system. 

    During the system demo, you'll learn:
    • How to access and navigate the LandrumHR Time system
    • The process of submitting payroll through LandrumHR Time
    • What reporting is available and how to access
    • ​How to customise LandrumHR Time to meet your needs

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    System Demo | LandrumHR Time
  • hrQ Training Opportunities

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    hrQ is the search, interim and enterprise-wide consulting arm of LandrumHR.
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