• Direct Deposit

    With direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically transferred from our bank account to yours on payday. No need to wait for a paper check in the mail, no waiting in lines at the bank or visiting an ATM. 

    How it Works:

    • You give us your banking information and a voided check
    • We transfer the money through an automated clearing house (ACH)
    • The ACH deposits the money into your account up to three business days later (bank holidays could cause an additional day delay).

  • EZPay Card

    If you do not have a bank account, you can sign up for our "EZPay" paycard. On payday, your payroll funds will automatically be deposited to your paycard account.

    Your Paycard Allows You To:

    • Access your payroll funds at thousands of ATM locations nationwide
    • Withdraw cash surcharge-free from Bank of America and Allpoint Network ATMs
    • Receive free email and text messages regarding balance notification and alert you when your funds have been deposited.
    • Access to customer service 24/7 for FREE
    • Access your account online at: www.BankOfAmerica.com/moneynetwork