• Affordable Care Act

    Experts by Your Side in Uncertain Times
    With the ever changing landscape of health care reform, an already complicated business environment became even more complex for many business owners. LandrumHR offers peace of mind for busy business owners. Our team provides the expertise required to navigate through the complex regulations and implementation hurdles of health care reform.

  • Employee Benefits: Health Insurance

    Depending on where you’re located, LandrumHR offers multiple healthcare benefit plan designs. Plan options include PPO, HMO, HDHP, HSA, and FSA. Many of our plans also include telehealth options. No matter what you or your employees need, our team works with you to put the right plans in place. 

  • Employee Benefits: HSA & FSA

    Health Savings Account (HSA) 
    If you are participating in a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), you can also contribute to a HSA account. HSA savings accounts let you set aside money through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses. By using untaxed dollars saved in a HSA to pay for deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, and some other expenses, you may be able to lower your overall health care costs. This savings account is yours and you can keep the funds even when you leave your job. IRS limits for 2022 are $3,650 for individuals and $7,300 for families.

    Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
    If your employer offers an FSA, you can access and manage the account online. A FSA will let you pay for many out-of-pocket expenses with tax-free dollars. You decide how much to put in the FSA, up to a limit set by the IRS, which for 2022 is $2,850 for individual employee contributions or $5,700 for a combined household if filing together with your spouse. If money is left at the end of the year, you can rollover up to $570 of unused funds into your new account for the following plan year.

  • Employee Benefits: Dental Insurance

    LandrumHR offers three dental insurance plans. All of our plans cover preventative services, such as cleanings twice a year, at little or no cost to the employee. Major dental procedures are also covered by up to as much as 90%. 

  • Employee Benefits: Vision Insurance

    LandrumHR also offers vision insurance. The vision plan provides eye exams, glasses and contact lenses with a small co-pay when services are performed by participating optometrists. Additional discounts are also available through the program including 40% off prescription eyeglasses and 20% off non-prescription sunglasses.

  • Short-Term Disability

    We offer both voluntary and employer paid Short-Term Disability plans. Options include coverage for 13 or 26 weeks and also include either a 7 or 14 day waiting period. Plans cover up to 60% of an employee's salary with a maximum benefit of $2,308 per week.

  • Long-Term Disability

    Our Long-Term Disability insurance pays up to 60% of salary with a maximum of $6,000 or $10,000 per month, depending on option selected. Plan options include either a 90 or 180 day waiting period. We offer both voluntary and employer paid options.

  • Life Insurance

    LandrumHR offers a variety of employer paid and voluntary life insurance plans. Voluntary life is offered in increments of $10,000 up to $1,000,000 (or 5x salary) with guaranteed issue to $200,000. Grief counseling and claim assistance are included in all plans at no additional cost.

  • 401(k) Retirement Services

    Saving and planning for the future is an important financial strategy. We want to make it easy for you to accomplish your savings goals.

    LandrumHR sponsors a multiple employer 401(k) plan. Clients may adopt the plan and customize the eligibility requirement, vesting schedule, matching contribution and profit sharing option. A Safe Harbor plan design is also available. LandrumHR is the plan trustee, fiduciary and sponsor. There is no cost to the client, other than the employer contribution, if elected.

    Other Ways for Employees to Save:
    We also offer U.S. Savings Bonds purchases

  • Supplemental

    LandrumHR offers plans for Critical Illness, Accident, Hospital Indemnity, and Legal insurance. These plans are payroll deducted while you are working with LandrumHR and portable if you were to leave employment. These plans are separate from other plans, such as health, dental or vision and may be purchased on their own, or in combination with other plans. Please contact us for more information and for a free quote.

  • Pet Benefits

    LandrumHR now provides insurance options to protect your pets! We offer benefits coverage with affordable plans that save you money on all of your pet care needs. Enroll in an available plan and receive access to all of the below benefits and more for one low monthly rate!

    • Up to 40% off prescriptions, preventatives, food, toys, treats, and more 
    • Free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase or same day pick-up from your local participating pharmacy
    • Instant 25% savings on in-house medical services at participating veterinarian clinics
    • 24/7 access to real-time support from veterinarians, even when your vet’s office is closed
    • ID tag and lost pet recovery service for peace of mind that your pet(s) will return home if they go missing

  • Virtual Healthcare

    Virtual healthcare is an added medical benefit offered at no additional cost to employees enrolled in one of the non-HSA health insurance plans. There is a small co-pay for employees enrolled in an HSA plan. The virtual healthcare program will extend to immediate family members even if not enrolled in the health plan. 

    We offer LandrumHR sponsored health insurance in Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    The EAP program is available to assist employees during challenging times. It provides confidential counseling services nationwide, for stress, grief, substance abuse, etc. By calling the toll free number at 800-245-1150, you may schedule an appointment with a local network provider at no charge. The EAP program is available to employees and immediate family members for up to three visits each.

  • Cafeteria Plan

    We offer all our clients and their employees a premium only plan that allows you to pay for insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars. This saves you money every pay day that would normally be deducted for taxes. There is no charge for this benefit.

  • Perks & Discounts

    Take advantage of savings with our corporate discount program for well-deserved time-away from work. We offer all employees fringe benefits such as entertainment and travel discounts Travel and entertainment discounts at participating theme parks, cruises, rental cars, movie theaters, hotels, sports events, and health clubs.

  • Adoption Assistance

    Employees who have completed one year of full-time service with us, and who adopt a child through a state-approved agency, may be reimbursed up to $500 for legal fees incurred in that adoption. Unfortunately, stepchildren do not qualify.

    To request reimbursement, please submit a written request to the LandrumHR Benefits Department, along with documentation of adoption and expenses totaling a maximum of $500.

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