• LandrumHR Time | System Demo

    It’s imperative for your employees’ payroll records to be accurate. At the same time, processing payroll shouldn't take valuable hours out of your schedule every week or two. Paperwork and spreadsheet records aren’t very secure forms of timekeeping and make administrative tasks more difficult and time-consuming.

    An up-to-date, easy to use payroll system can ensure your timekeeping and payroll process is smooth and efficient.  

    LandrumHR Time provides a streamlined and accurate timekeeping process. By using LandrumHR Time, you can free up hours of administrative work for you and your employees. 

    Our experts are available for a 30 minute, 1-on-1 system demo that provides a complete walkthrough of the LandrumHR Time system. 

    During the system demo, you'll learn:


    • How to access and navigate the LandrumHR Time system
    • The process of submitting payroll through LandrumHR Time
    • What reporting is available and how to access
    • ​How to customise LandrumHR Time to meet your needs

    Our experts will also take time at the conclusion of the demo to answer any questions you have.

    Schedule your 1-on-1 LandrumHR Time system demo today to find out how easy and fast payroll can be.