Essential Strategies on How to Get More Job Applicants for Your Business

Essential Strategies on How to Get More Job Applicants for Your Business

by James Howe, on March 25, 2024
Finding it hard to attract job applicants? Attracting a significant number of qualified job applicants is a pivotal challenge for many businesses .

To effectively increase your applicant pool, focus on enhancing job titles, optimizing job descriptions, and streamlining the application process.

Read on for a comprehensive guide that will equip you with strategies to attract more job applicants and improve the overall recruitment experience.

1. Craft Compelling Job Titles

Clear and straightforward job titles are the first contact point between job seekers and your job postings. They allow candidates to quickly assess job relevance and provide an initial impression of role responsibilities and growth potential. But how do you ensure your job title reaches the intended audience? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Optimizing job titles using SEO best practices can improve search engine visibility and increase the chances of reaching the intended audience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:
  • Incorporate popular and relevant keywords in your job titles.
  • Craft your job titles in a language that your target talent pool understands.
  • Use standard titles when possible to enhance findability and appeal to a larger pool of job seekers.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing, as it can make your posts seem spammy and may result in lowered search engine rankings or penalties.
By following these tips, you can create job titles that are both optimized for search engines and appealing to potential candidates.

2. Enhance Your Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are your chance to sell the position to potential candidates. A well-crafted job description not only outlines the role’s responsibilities, but also paints a vivid picture of your company culture. Start by using inclusive language like ‘moves equipment’ instead of ‘must be able to lift’. This makes job descriptions more accessible to a wider candidate pool and avoids signaling preference for younger candidates.
Remember, your job postings should reflect your company’s culture and values. Highlighting unique attributes like sustainability or inclusion initiatives can attract the best fit.

Clarity and specificity are your best friends when writing job descriptions. Here are some tips to make your job descriptions stand out.
  1. Lead with a concise title and summary.
  2. Whittle down role requirements to the essentials.
  3. Include details about the role, technology, and company culture for added specificity.
  4. Emphasize professional development and growth opportunities.
  5. Consider including multimedia elements like images and videos to make the job description more attractive and engaging to potential candidates.

3. Streamline the Application Process

Due to complex or lengthy online applications, 60% of job seekers abandon their efforts mid-way.  Streamlining the application by asking only necessary questions and minimizing paperwork demands can help reduce these dropoff rates significantly. This optimization allows for a higher conversion of individuals seeking jobs into actual applicants.

Gathering input from candidates serves as a vital tool that offers insights which contribute to ongoing enhancement of the applicant experience. Ensuring your application portals are mobile-friendly can broaden your pool of potential hires while bolstering your organization’s image among users. The integration of an accessible and mobile-compatible applicant tracking system will refine this aspect.

Introducing an alternative to requiring cover letters might be beneficial. Showing consideration for applicants’ time may attract more diverse candidates eager for engagement in the hiring process.


4. Partner with an Experienced Staffing Company

In the quest to attract top talent, partnering with us at Landrum Workforce Solutions can be a game-changer. We offer access to a vast network of industry-specific candidates and provide services to streamline your recruitment process. We deliver a targeted approach to hiring, ensuring candidates match your company culture and meet job requirements, which leads to a higher quality of applicants and successful placements.

We also provide insights into current hiring trends, salary benchmarks, and benefits packages, helping you to make competitive offers. We offer the flexibility to fill temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire positions, adapting to your company's needs. Additionally, we handle time-consuming tasks such as screenings and interviews, reducing the administrative load on your team.

Overall, we can be a strategic ally, equipping you with the expertise and resources needed to secure the right talent for your business's growth and success.

5. Market Your Company Culture

Attracting elite talent is heavily influenced by an organization’s culture. Exceptional performers are attracted to work environments that provide the freedom and challenges necessary for them to thrive. Cultures that foster personal growth opportunities, autonomy, and intellectual stimulation are particularly attractive to these individuals. A commitment to diversity and inclusion in the workplace can resonate with many job seekers’ values, positioning your company as a more inclusive and welcoming place of employment.

Crafting job titles that mirror the essence of your company’s culture serves not only to reflect organizational values, but also helps reach applicants whose ideals align with those of your company. Potential candidates may examine an employer’s reputation prior to submitting applications. This demonstrates the importance of maintaining a robust brand presence on social platforms. Doing so effectively promotes cultural qualities through recognitions or awards received, which should be highlighted within job postings.

Sharing real employee experiences provides candidates with a genuine look into the company culture and team dynamics. These authentic insights help build trust with potential hires and highlight the benefits of joining the organization. This clear communication of your company's values and employee value proposition sets you apart from competitors and attracts more job seekers to your openings.

6. Offer Competitive Compensation Packages (and tell potential applicants about them)

Transparency regarding compensation can be a key factor in drawing in superior candidates. Here’s how it is advantageous:
  • Job ads that specify salary information not only lure more qualified talent but also streamline the hiring process.
  • Clear communication about salary and benefits has the power to draw a larger pool of job seekers.
  • Exhibiting openness about wages could significantly shrink the gender pay disparity, with studies indicating up to 40% decrease following adjustments.

Incorporating details on benefits within job postings enables potential applicants to determine if a position aligns with their requirements, an aspect they highly value while saving time for everyone involved. Benefits such as health coverage, paid time off, and pension plans are often prioritized over perks like company retreats or complimentary social events by those seeking jobs.

Adhering to federal, state, and local regulations that mandate pay transparency is crucial, as it ensures that job listings comply with legal requirements. This adherence is not only a matter of legal compliance but also signals to potential applicants that the company is committed to fairness and openness in compensation, thereby enhancing interest from job seekers.

7. Utilize Social Media Outreach

It’s estimated, that 79% of job applicants turn to social platforms during their search for a new position. This indicates the substantial role that social networks play in drawing the attention of those looking for jobs as well as engaging individuals who are not actively seeking work.

Employer branding videos shared through social media prove to be a highly efficient approach, as more and more people show a preference for learning about brands via video content. It’s clear that hiring through channels such as Indeed, Facebook, and LinkedIn  is increasingly important. To attract top talent effectively using these outlets, companies should focus on consistently sharing content that is relevant and captivating while also delivering valuable information.


8. Leverage Employee Networks

Establishing a program that rewards employees for referring skilled candidates from their networks can provide an incentive to do so. Regular reminders about the significance of these referrals and their impact on organizational achievements can nurture an environment where staff actively participate in hiring efforts. Introducing both financial and non-financial incentives, such as monetary bonuses, vacations, gift cards, or tickets to events, could boost this initiative’s success.

Recognizing individuals who excel at referring through rewards or acknowledgments by upper management may encourage more staff members to bring forward more candidates. It is equally important to keep those who refer informed on how their suggested contacts are progressing during the selection process. Doing so keeps them invested in continuous participation. Instilling competition with rankings or contests rewarding top referrers might prompt employees to be more proactive about sourcing eligible candidates from within their personal circles.

Innovating referral practices by incorporating impromptu promotions, elements of gamification into your strategy and offering special recognition plans may enhance participant involvement and elevate your referral system’s performance overall.

9. Maximize Job Board Exposure

Ensuring your job openings are visible on a variety of job boards is key to attracting a broad spectrum of applicants. To enhance the performance of your job listings, consider these approaches:
  1. Apply SEO practices and incorporate pertinent keywords into your job descriptions so they are easily found by suitable candidates in search results.
  2. Post your vacancies on well-known, trustworthy job boards that focus on specific industries to broaden their visibility.
  3. Employ tactics such as targeted email blasts related to jobs, leverage widgets on professional association sites, and use retargeting techniques which greatly expands reach especially towards those not actively searching for jobs.

Frequent updates to the requirements and qualifications in each position listing help draw potential candidates who fit precisely what you’re looking for while keeping up with the dynamic nature of today’s competitive employment landscape.

As discussed earlier, it’s also essential that each individual posting is mobile-friendly and designed with SEO best practices in mind. This step will amplify how often prospective hires come across it during searches - making sure no single job seeker misses out due to their device choice or browsing habits.

10. Build a Talent Pipeline

Creating a robust pipeline for talent acquisition is about taking an active stance in the search for potential employees, ensuring there’s always a selection of candidates ready to be considered for open roles. By maintaining a resource filled with thoroughly reviewed resumes and records from previous engagements with prospects, companies can quickly address job vacancies. Leveraging relationships built through prior interviews or networking events builds and maintains a steady pool of prospective hires.

Paying attention to what candidates seek in their professional journeys helps align skilled applicants with upcoming opportunities at your company. An assorted pool of job seekers not only increases the probability of discovering someone who meets specific role requirements, but also enhances the integrity of the hiring process itself. Over time, investing attention into building such as candidate pipeline significantly helps fiscal goals associated with recruitment efforts.

11. Optimize the Interview Process

The candidate experience is heavily influenced by the interview process, and how a company manages this can significantly impact an applicant’s view of the organization. Demonstrating respect through prompt feedback and keeping candidates informed at every step keeps them engaged and reflects positively on your company. Engaging assessments along with video interviews that highlight the company culture allow both parties to evaluate if there’s a good match.

It’s equally important to stay in touch with job seekers even after they’ve accepted a position, as it helps foster excitement about joining your team while mitigating any second-guessing. A memorable journey for candidates throughout their application and hiring stages has the power to convert them into enthusiastic advocates for your brand regardless of whether they join your company.

Elevate Your Recruitment Strategy with Landrum Workforce Solutions

In the realm of attracting a diverse and qualified pool of job applicants, the intricacies of recruitment demand a nuanced, strategic approach. Landrum Workforce Solutions embodies this, offering full-scale solutions that seamlessly blend technological innovation with human-centric recruitment practices.

Our track record speaks volumes, with a history of empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of modern hiring landscapes. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and tailor our services, ensuring they align with the unique demands and cultures of the organizations we partner with.

At Landrum Workforce Solutions, we understand that each hiring journey is distinctive. Our dedicated team is committed to facilitating connections between businesses and the finest talent, whether the need is for temporary roles or permanent positions. Trust in Landrum Workforce Solutions to enhance your recruitment process, allowing your business to excel.

Reach out to discover how our comprehensive recruiting and staffing services can propel your business forward.
James Howe

Jim Howe is the VP of Workforce Solutions for LandrumHR. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the Staffing Industry, having worked for a couple large national organizations. Jim’s expertise has been in building teams, growing revenue and profitability, while working in tandem with his clients to implement workforce management solutions focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the right workforce.

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