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  • Man holding sign that reads "Social Media"

    Developing a Social Media Policy

    By Kimberly Horton on January 08, 2019

    In this day and age most people have at least one social media account. In fact, in a report published by GlobalWebIndex, the average person now has 7.6 social media accounts, and 98% have at least one social network account. Statistics shows that Americans spend at least 2 hours per day using their social media accounts. Who would like to wager a portion of that time is spent monitoring social media accounts during the work day? And, as an employer, what can you do about the content that your employees post online? The answer to those questions may seem disheartening to some.

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  • Scrabble game pieces which spell out "Mental Health"

    Promoting Good Mental Health in the Workplace

    With the observance of Mental Health Month in May, it is a good time to consider what your company is doing to help promote good mental health in the workplace. As we know, health isn’t just about our physical well-being but also about our mental well-being. When we talk about health, we have to see the whole person and make use of the tools and resources that benefit minds and bodies together.

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  • Man holding computer tablet and showing content to his coworkers. One male and one female.

    Team Dynamics in the Workplace

    Successful companies recognize the benefits of dynamic teams working together toward a common goal. Strong team dynamics produce higher-quality results and solve problems faster.

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  • Happy person with arms outstretched as confetti drops

    Employee Engagement is More Than Just Perks

    One of the “hot” HR topics of the moment is Employee Engagement.  What is it and how do companies engage employees? I have a few ideas for you...

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  • Man and woman stand while jointly holding up a red origami heart

    How to Create a Love Contract for Dating in the Workplace

    By Yvonne Nellums, PHR, SHRM-CP on February 13, 2018

    This week is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air! Significant others will be showering loved ones with gifts and many offices will be full of flowers, candy, and balloons. During this festive time, coworkers will have a peek into the private lives of many of their peers. But what happens if you find out you have a situation of two employees dating in the workplace... Now what do you do?

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