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Q&A: How a PEO Helps HR Managers Lead Their Company to Success

by Andrew Sowell, on November 09, 2021
HR managers play a crucial role in a company’s success. They lead an organization's talent acquisition, employee learning and training programs, compliance, health and safety, and compensation and benefits packages.
With the surge of COVID-19 delta cases, many HR managers are once again feeling overwhelmed when it comes to keeping up with new state and federal regulations, managing and preventing employee and HIPAA issues, and staying on top of the administrative duties they were primarily responsible for prior to the pandemic. Luckily, a PEO can help alleviate these burdens and help HR managers achieve their company’s goals.
Q: What kind of employee benefits do PEOs offer to attract and retain quality talent?
A: Most PEOs offer cost-effective employee benefits. If you are seeking Fortune 500-caliber benefits to attract and retain top talent at a lower cost, we offer tailored employee benefits packages to suit you and your employees’ needs. We handle all the details and paperwork.
Q: How do PEOs help with staying on top of the latest employment laws?
A: A PEO has a team of experts who provide guidance and ensure clients are aware of the latest employment laws. This is especially beneficial with frequently changing national and state regulatory updates. Our HR Business Partners help our clients stay in the know and in compliance with the most recent federal and state regulations.
Q: How does a PEO help minimize risk and help clients gain better control of workers’ compensation claims?
A: A PEO’s risk management services help HR managers minimize risk, keep workers safe and productive, achieve & maintain compliance with OSHA (Federal/State programs) and helps clients effectively manage workers' compensation claims. As a LandrumHR client, you can be covered under our workers' compensation policy backed by Liberty Mutual, an A-rated carrier. Our pay-as-you-go payment method streamlines your expenses and cash flow. No annual workers' compensation audit is required
Q: What technology do PEOs leverage to improve efficiency?
A: PEO technology (an HRIS) can manage everything from applicant tracking and onboarding to performance management and time sheets. Keeping this information accessible and integrated with other PEO services makes it easier for HR managers and company leaders to see your overall people picture. Learn more about our cutting-edge MyLandrumHR platform.
Q: What training solutions do PEOs offer?
A: To help teams overcome challenges or safety issues, PEOs provide in-person or virtual training. As LandrumHR client worksite employees complete their assigned training, they earn badges and further their knowledge on specific topics such as safety, diversity, compliance and more. 
For most small businesses, HR administrative tasks take up an enormous amount of time and resources that could be dedicated to producing revenue. PEO services from LandrumHR empower clients to focus on growing their business. Contact our team today to learn more about how our PEO services can make the business of people easier.
Andrew Sowell

Andrew Sowell currently serves as the Director of Business Development for LandrumHR. He received his degree in Business Marketing from Florida State University and has an extensive background helping business owners solve problems that impact the bottom line. His passion is consulting with business owners and highlighting areas where the company can save money, increase profits, improve employee engagement, and protect the business from compliance issues.

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