Top Tactics for Streamlining Your High-Volume Recruiting Process

Top Tactics for Streamlining Your High-Volume Recruiting Process

by James Howe, on February 06, 2024

High-volume recruiting can feel like a steep hill to climb. Whether you’re inundated with a large number of resumes or are lacking qualified candidates, the process can be difficult. The challenge lies in efficiently managing a large-scale recruitment drive while ensuring the quality of candidates is not compromised. 

High-volume recruiting is a process that involves hiring many candidates in a limited timeframe. When managed with the right tools, you’ll find that it can be an efficient use of your time all while providing an improved quality of candidates and handling a large influx of applications. 

Read on to discover how you can leverage technology and automation tools, create compelling job postings, enhance your employer branding, and follow best practices to improve efficiency and candidate retention. 

What is High-Volume Recruiting? 

High-volume recruiting is the practice of hiring a substantial number of candidates within a short amount of time. This hiring method is typically used during business growth, for seasonality requirements, or when a new location is opened. 

The average hiring process lasts around 36 days, so high-volume recruiting campaigns require a rigid focus and a fast-paced approach. It’s crucial that the recruiting team has a developed strategy in mind to avoid common challenges in high-volume recruiting. 

Common Challenges in High-Volume Recruiting 

High-volume recruiting can present many different challenges. These can include managing a large number of applications, ensuring the quality of candidates does not dip despite the increased volume, and ensuring all candidates still have a positive experience. Below are a few challenges you may have experienced. 



Overwhelming Number of Applications 

Implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can automate the screening process, efficiently managing and filtering the high-volume of applications. 

Streamlining Application Review 

Implement criteria for screening, prioritize qualifications, and use pre-screening assessments to evaluate candidates more efficiently. 

Balancing Quality and Quantity 

Utilize data-driven assessment tools and AI-powered screening to ensure candidates meet predefined quality benchmarks while efficiently processing large volumes. Ensure you understand the risks of AI tools in the workplace such as bias in applicant screening. 

Targeted Hiring Strategy  

Use targeted sourcing, optimized job descriptions, and careful selection to align candidates with the right skills for the positions. 

Ensuring a Positive Candidate Experience 

It's important for candidates to feel valued and not just part of a mass hiring process. Candidates who prefer to work with a recruiter will want extra help in their job search, and they’ll expect  a positive experience. 

Personalized Candidate Engagement 

Utilize programmatic job advertising, social media networks such as LinkedIn or industry-specific job boards, and automation to maintain personalized interactions and increase engagement metrics. 

Lack of Candidates 

Expand sourcing channels to include niche job boards, social media, and employee referral programs to access a wider pool of potential candidates. 



How to Streamline Your High-Volume Recruitment Process 

While the previously mentioned solutions can help address challenges, you’ll want to focus on specific strategies in order to increase the efficiency of your high-volume recruitment processes and ultimately get more job applicants. This includes utilizing technology and other automation tools, creating impactful job ads, and strengthening your employer branding. 

1. Leveraging Technology and Automation 

The use of technology has improved all aspects of the recruiting process, and can be especially useful for high-volume recruiting with tools such as: 

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) with mobile optimization for accessible job postings 

  • Innovative screening methods that filter candidates based on certain criteria 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms that provide pattern recognition and predictive analytics, while ensuring you avoid the risks associated with AI such as bias during the screening process. 

These tools contribute to improved efficiency and effectiveness of a high-volume recruiting strategy by 

  • Enhancing the speed at which applications can be evaluated 

  • Increasing the accuracy in matching candidates to job requirements 

  • Automating repetitive tasks 

Using recruiting software such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) can also provide a quick comparison of applicants’ qualifications and experiences, automate communication with candidates, and streamline the interview scheduling process. This shows why over 75% of recruiters use ATS systems.  

Overall, the level of technology and automation available can help enhance the speed and accuracy in your high-volume recruiting process. 

2. Crafting Job Ads 

Crafting compelling and impactful job postings involves understanding your target audience, using clear titles, and highlighting the value proposition of your business. Altogether, this will create engaging content that job applicants will want to interact with. 

Job ads on job boards not only will attract a larger pool of interested candidates, but also increase candidate engagement and showcase an employer’s brand. 

3. Enhance the Employer’s Brand 

A strong employer brand is crucial to appear attractive to a larger pool of candidates. This level of marketing is often overlooked during the recruiting process. However, the job ad is typically going to be the candidate’s first experience with your brand, and you want to put the best face of the company forward. 

To improve employer branding for high-volume recruiting purposes, you can leverage social media campaigns or offer educational workshops for candidates to attend. You can also involve current employees by using testimonials or videos that provide insight into the company culture and showcase its human side. 

4. Partner with a High-Volume Recruiting Agency 

Overcoming the challenges outlined above can be complex, especially when balancing them with everyday business operations. Many businesses opt to partner with experts like Landrum Workforce Solutions, who specialize in streamlining high-volume recruitment processes through advanced technology, compelling job ad creation, and robust employer branding strategies. Our expertise ensures you connect with the right talent efficiently, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. 

Tools and Technologies for High-Volume Recruiting Success 

Tools and technologies can help navigate the complexities of managing a large candidate pool with greater efficiency. These tools include social media platforms and communication tools. 

Social media tools are pivotal, allowing recruiters to: 

  • Expand their voice online 

  • Target specific demographics with tailored job ads 

  • Engage with candidates who spend more time online 

Email and text message outreach can improve communication by: 

  • Allowing for bulk messaging to keep candidates informed 

  • Tracking engagement metrics to see what email templates work 

  • Automating follow-up messages if a candidate goes quiet during the recruitment process 

  • Incremental surveys can be distributed to ensure the candidate is happy and stays engaged 

Whatever tools are used, their goal is to contribute to a less labor-intensive recruitment approach, and let recruiters spend more time interacting with qualified potential hires. 

Best Practices for High-Volume Recruitment 

The process of high-volume recruitment can be made more efficient through the implementation of several best practices.  

  • Automate manual processes, like scheduling, to increase efficiency and consistency. 

  • Utilize analytics to gain insights into effective recruitment practices and to target the most promising channels for sourcing candidates. 

  • Implement talent rediscovery strategies to match past applicants with new job opportunities. 

  • Adopt a candidate-first approach to the application process to enhance engagement and improve communication with potential hires. 

Tips for Retaining High-Quality Hires 

Just as it is important to recruit high-caliber candidates, it is equally crucial to retain them. Providing effective onboarding and consistent check-ins, as well as offering ongoing employee support, are essential for keeping top talent within the company. 

To ensure continuous support for employees, companies can utilize employee advocacy by promoting job openings and enhancing candidate engagement throughout the recruitment process while maintaining transparency. Consistent check-ins not only boost job satisfaction, but also cultivate strong relationships with employees.  

Fostering an inclusive company culture creates a positive work environment that promotes overall job satisfaction among top talent. 

Looking to Implement High-Volume Recruiting? Consider Landrum Workforce Solutions 

The process of high-volume recruitment is multi-faceted and requires a well-crafted approach that includes leveraging technology, creating engaging job advertisements, and cultivating a strong employer brand.  

With our proven track record of success, Landrum Workforce Solutions has been a trusted partner for countless businesses for many years. Our commitment to understanding how to provide tailored staffing services ensures we meet the workforce needs for your organization. 

Whether you are recruiting for temporary or permanent employees, our expert team is dedicated to connecting you with the best talent. Landrum Workforce Solutions is the partner you can rely on to fully manage your high-volume recruiting requirements so your business can thrive. 

Contact us today to find out how we can provide your business with reliable and timely high-volume recruiting services. 

James Howe

Jim Howe is the VP of Workforce Solutions for LandrumHR. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in the Staffing Industry, having worked for a couple large national organizations. Jim’s expertise has been in building teams, growing revenue and profitability, while working in tandem with his clients to implement workforce management solutions focused on attracting, engaging and retaining the right workforce.

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