Tips on Working with a Recruiter

Tips on Working with a Recruiter

by Makenzee R. Taylor, on November 28, 2022
Job recruiters and the recruiting process are sometimes misunderstood. Recruiters are your coach and advocate as a job seeker, and most of the time, their services are free. When trying to find a job by yourself is not working out, we recommend reaching out to a recruiter for help.

Here’s more on the process:

Why should you work with a recruiter?
A recruiter’s focus is to help candidates find the right job. A great benefit of working with a recruiter is their relationships with hiring managers and other HR professionals that expedite your job search. Recruiters can coach you on resumes and interview techniques, provide inside knowledge about what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate and become an advocate with hiring managers to secure you a position.

Proactive tips to start your journey working with a recruiter:
  1. Prepare for your first meeting. Reviewing your resume is one of the first steps in preparing for your first meeting. Add any past employment, new skills, update contact information, etc. Your recruiter will ask for your resume first. Having this on file will give them insight and match you with the correct positions. The recruiter will also ask follow-up questions about your resume, qualifications and goals in the job search.
  2. Communicate. Recruiters need open communication to represent you effectively. Be honest about everything that may impact your job search. Refrain from false work ethic skills or places of employment on your resume because that wastes time for you and your recruiter. They are your resource and are here to help you. Communicate with the recruiter about your job requirements, such as working only during weekdays or needing a job in a particular location.
  3. Respond to messages quickly. A fast response exhibits respect and shows the recruiter you are eager to find employment. You don’t want to miss out on time-sensitive opportunities such as same-day interviews. When you know you should be on the lookout for any contact from your recruiter, keep your phone near you, and check your instant messages, voicemail and email regularly. It is a good idea to engage with your recruiter once or twice a month for a quick checkup on the job search.
  4. Thank your recruiter for their help. Once you have secured work, show gratitude to your recruiter, and ask where you may post a review about your experience. Completing this action may even result in the recruiter approaching you with attractive job offers in the future to help you advance in your career.

Consider working with a recruiter if you need extra help in your job search. The goal is to find your dream job, and if you stay motivated and hopeful throughout the process, you will have a great experience. Encourage others to take the same path as you if they are going through similar struggles.

Here at LandrumHR, we have the best staff and recruiters to work by your side step-by-step through your entire job-hunting process. So ditch the misconception about recruiters and start your journey today!
Makenzee R. Taylor

Makenzee is an HR Assistant with LandrumHR Workforce Solutions. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in marketing. Born and raised in Northern California, Makenzee enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the beach, traveling and binge-watching TV shows in her free time.

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