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  • woman and coworkers eating pizza and laughing

    5 Work Perks that Boost Employee Engagement

    By Kimberly Horton on September 10, 2019

    With more and more employers reaching for fun and creative perks to set themselves apart, it can be hard to figure out what kinds of things employees will actually appreciate and what’s just a gimmick. Here are five examples of easy to implement work perks that boost employee engagement.

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  • Man holding sign that reads "Social Media"

    Developing a Social Media Policy

    By Kimberly Horton on January 08, 2019

    In this day and age most people have at least one social media account. In fact, in a report published by GlobalWebIndex, the average person now has 7.6 social media accounts, and 98% have at least one social network account. Statistics shows that Americans spend at least 2 hours per day using their social media accounts. Who would like to wager a portion of that time is spent monitoring social media accounts during the work day? And, as an employer, what can you do about the content that your employees post online? The answer to those questions may seem disheartening to some.

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  • Two glowing jack-o-lanterns

    Halloween Celebrations in the Office: Do, or Don't?

    By Kimberly Horton on October 16, 2017

    Fall is in the air, and Halloween costumes are stocked on the shelves of stores everywhere. But what if the spirit (no pun intended) of Halloween extends into the workplace?

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