Whether you want to save time on human resource administration all around, or outsource specific tasks, LandrumHR’s Pensacola human resource services can free you from a repetitive HR process.

There are a lot of reasons companies use HR outsourcing. Mainly, it can save your company money. Using our HR services can also free up time, allowing your staff to step away from HR tasks and concentrate on other projects. Our Pensacola HR outsourcing also improves accuracy and compliance with human resource requirements. We ensure that every task is always taken care of by an expert, without you having to hire those experts yourself.

  • Outsourcing Benefits to LandrumHR

    LandrumHR is very experienced in the field of benefits administration. With our expertise and experience, we can actually bring your benefits to a higher standard.

    If you think that your business is too small to offer a competitive benefits package to employees and potential recruits, think again. By leveraging our Pensacola human resource services, you can give your staff the benefits they are looking for, without having to expend a significant amount of your budget to make it happen.

    We offer nearly every benefit you can think of, that our clients can then offer to their staff. Our packages include health, dental, vision, and retirement plans. All elements of these benefits packages are administrated through us, not your own office, so you do not have to worry about it at all. From explaining the benefits to your employees, to sorting out their paperwork, LandrumHR has you covered.

    When it comes to unemployment, we can administer that as well, reviewing benefit charges from unemployment agencies, processing claims, filing appeals and preparing for appeals hearings, and reporting any claims activity.

    We are able to provide these services because all of our clients translates to huge buying power. This is far more than each individual company could achieve alone. That being said, we are able to tailor each package to each client. This means that you can present employees and recruits with the best possible benefits customized for their needs.

  • Should You Outsource Your HR?

    If you are still thinking that your company is too small to bother with a human resources department, let alone one that is outsourced to another business, we can tell you that businesses on the smaller side are often the ones that benefit most from outsourced HR.

    Companies with over a hundred employees usually have their own in-house human resources staff, but smaller companies typically have just one person. Often, there is nobody to handle HR efforts.

    If you only have one person working on your HR, consider their salary. Now consider what it would cost to hire a company like LandrumHR to administer your Pensacola human resource services instead. There are significant cost savings to be made, as well as the opportunity to have a greater range of services available to you, despite your smaller staff size.

    If you currently have no HR department, it is all the more reason to outsource. You can have human resources available to your staff, offer benefits, and ensure that you are handling employee relations properly. And you can do this at a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR team.

    Human resource is something that needs to be organized and performed properly. It is inadvisable to risk going without HR management. Small companies can see huge benefits from outsourcing their HR. If you have a larger company, you should still run the numbers. It would be beneficial to think about whether running your own HR or outsourcing would cost more. You will want to see which method can offer the best benefits for your company and staff versus the cost involved with making it happen. You can even consider outsourcing a portion of your human resource administration, rather than all of it.

    Outsourcing a percentage of your HR tasks can save you time and effort, but you can still maintain an in-house HR department. Outsourcing payroll and benefits alone can free up a lot of time for your company. The result of this may be more satisfied employees, which in turn can lead to more satisfied customers.

    Our web-based technologies and expertise in HR management goes a long way in bolstering what your in-house team already has to offer. We can take over your HR or we can make your existing HR department the best it can be.

  • Finding Strength in an Outsourcing Partnership

    Through our arrangements, you will still maintain ownership of your company and control over your business decisions. We merely step in as co-employers to handle employment issues, leaving you free to deal with business operations.

    You will notice an overall improved sense of morale within your company, as your staff begins to see the rewards of having LandrumHR’s experienced staff on board. We will manage their employment-related issues quickly and accurately, and their benefits will improve as well.

    By taking advantage of LandrumHR’s experienced experts, you can focus on your company and making it as successful as it can be. You will find that the time you used to spend on necessary HR can now be made available for growing your business.

    If you would like more information regarding our Pensacola HR outsourcing services, please contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer HR Outsourcing services for most states through our other offices located in Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Sarasota, Columbia, SC and Asheville, NC