Reflections of Nine Leaders as captured in Working a Better Way

Following are reflections shared by the nine people who were interviewed for this book. All are leaders. All played a pivotal role in helping to create the success that LandrumHR currently enjoys as one of the longest running mid-tier players in the HR services industry. Each grasped the meaning of working a better way.

PEGGY FORTUNATO Retired Corporate Director of Human Resources

SUSAN HUNSUCKER Retired Director of Employee Benefits for the PEO Division

TED KIRCHHARR Former VP and COO for the PEO Division

BRITT LANDRUM III LandrumHR President and CEO 

DENISE MCLEOD Retired VP and COO for Landrum Staffing and VP of HR for the PEO Division

YVONNE NELLUMS Retired Director of HR for the PEO Division

ERIC NICKELSEN LandrumHR Advisory Board Member

MIKE PERKINS Former VP, Corporate Legal Counsel and COO for the PEO Division

ANDY REMKE Retired VP and Chief Financial Officer of LandrumHR