The release of Working a Better Way on August 3, 2020 coincides with the 50-year anniversary of LandrumHR.
The power of ‘principled’ leadership underscores the memoir, Working a Better Way, by H. Britt Landrum, Jr. It is a history of the 50-year old human resources company the author founded in Pensacola, Florida when he was 32-years old. His story illustrates the countless tangible ways in which triumphs are realized when one’s core values transcend into the workplace.

Mr. Landrum built pillars stemming from his foundational beliefs and with the backing of a devoted workforce, watched doors open time and again throughout his five decades at the helm. The values he held dear served as his guideposts and characterized the enterprising ways he chose to build the business in benefit to the company’s employees and clients, and to his family, industry and community as well.

Working a Better Way is a feel-good story of a thriving family-owned business molded from Mr. Landrum’s vision, his entrepreneurial spirit, his integrity, and his trusted relationships. In essence, this book recognizes the contributions of countless people whom Mr. Landrum credits for his company’s enduring success.  

Readers will learn about the fundamentals of human value creation, relationship-building, and beneficial business and HR management practices that have application for companies across all industries. Mr. Landrum’s story is lightly sprinkled with a dose of practicality, self-effacing humor, with lessons learned, and with examples of human connection that underscore business vitality.  

The title of the book is a copyrighted slogan that LandrumHR used in its advertising and brochures for many years, and aptly describes the company’s fifty-year journey.