• Why Fort Walton Beach Risk Control is Vital

    One of the most important, and often over looked, facets of any business is risk management. It not only protects you as an employer, but also the interests of your employees as well. Risk management allows you to be prepared in case something unplanned arises. It will keep your employees on the right track, with a common goal. No one will wonder what to do, because you will have a plan in place. You will be able to respond to situations quickly, find a solution, and move on. It is the ultimate safeguard for your company.

    There are many things out there that can cost you time, money, and reputation. One such example is if your employees or a customer get injured at your business and are forced to file a workers’ compensation claim. This leads to lost time, which is lost money, and can cost you your reputation which is vital in this digital world, where people look up reviews for almost any company they plan on working with. However, when you plan ahead, and put in the proper safety measures beforehand, you will have things under control and minimize any damage that may occur. A Fort Walton Beach risk management solutions company will help prepare you for any potential risk to your company, and help you put a plan in place.

  • LandrumHR’s Risk Management Service

    When you work with LandrumHR, we bring our talented, safety qualified risk management team to your company and start getting to work. They will thoroughly search for any risks that could happen, and address those issues upfront. You may have potential problems that you know about, or areas that were safe at one time, but have changed over the years. Our team is knowledgeable of the most current laws and can assure you are covered if something should happen. We can assist with safety training, OSHA training, and making sure you have a policy in place that addresses any potential problems.

    We know that every company is different, as is their practices and goals. However, it is safe to say that every business owner wants to make sure that their employees and their grounds are safe and secured. LandrumHR provides a Fort Walton Beach risk management service that will conduct a risk assessment of your business and will go over the policies that you have already put in place to make sure that they are all up-to-date and compliant. We can also provide you with a safety plan, unique to your company, which you can put into place immediately.

    We provide your employees training in First Aid and CPR, OSHA requirements, safety training, workstation health, drug and alcohol testing, and ergonomic evaluations and arrangements, all put into place to improve your risk management services plan. Your employees will know what to do in case of an accident, an illness, injury, and how plan for any future events that could be a problem down the road.

    At LandrumHR, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, we take every accident, illness, injury, or incident very seriously, and will handle any investigations swiftly to ensure the health of not only your injured employee, but the health of your employees in the future. If an accident should happen and someone does get injured, we will handle all of the legal requirements that are necessary. This includes the First Report of Injury claim, and any claims that might be made in the future.

    When you use our Fort Walton Beach risk management services, you will also be able to utilize our benefits management service which includes a workers’ compensation policy, should you decide to implement it for your company. We only work with top-rated, qualified, and trusted insurance carries, and all claims will be handled through the LandrumHR claims team. If a situation were to occur at your business, we will not only work for your employees, but we will also make sure to keep your company’s best interests in mind. The best investment you can make for the continued growth of your company is your employees, we will make sure that they are treated well and understand exactly what they can do to ensure their own health.

  • Why Outsourcing Can Work for You

    For smaller companies, outsourcing a Fort Walton Beach risk management service makes a lot of sense both financially, and to make sure that you are completely compliant with both OSHA, and any local or state law. Handling these issues in-house may seem like a better option, but you will not always have someone on board that is knowledgeable with OSHA policies, or has the experience that a company like LandrumHR can provide. Businesses that have a limited budget could also benefit from hiring an outside consultant for risk management, to ensure it gets done the right way, while not wasting your employee’s time.

    However, you do not need to be a small company or a business with a tight budget to outsource to LandrumHR. Our expertise and proficiency in creating a comprehensive and effective risk management solutions plan, works with any company, regardless of size. You will not have to train a new employee on all of the laws that have been put in place, as we have researched them several times already. We also understand that every business is different, so we will make our risk management solution unique to your company and its needs. We have proven over time that your services and strategies work, no matter the size, or budget restraints of our customers.

    You really have little to lose, but a whole lot to gain, by bringing in a risk management service like LandrumHR. Protecting yourself, your company, your employees, your premises, and your customers should not be taken lightly. Speak with one of our professionals today. To learn more about our Fort Walton Beach risk management solutions, contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer Risk Management solutions in Pensacola, Panama City, Sarasota, Columbia, SC and Asheville, NC.