LandrumHR can do more than just the day-to-day tasks of a normal Human Resources department. Another service we provide is risk management. We can come into your business, find out if there are any problems that could potentially occur, analyze the situation, and take the steps necessary to make sure that problem never comes to fruition. If you are looking for a Columbia risk management service, consider utilizing the four decades of experience that LandrumHR can bring to your business.
  • Why You Need Columbia SC Risk Control

    The main benefit of risk management, is in prevention. You never want to be in a situation where a very real problem arises, and you have nothing in place to can solve the situation. By having a professional company come in and assess your company, you will learn very quickly what the areas of high concern are, and what needs to be taken care of immediately before something serious happens.

    What risk control really does, is protect everyone involved in your business. This includes your staff, your customers, and yourself. Once you have identified a problem or issue, you can develop a plan of what to do in case something goes wrong. Your staff will be ready, steps will be followed, and a solution will arise, all with minimal costs to your company in time, money and reputation.

    An employee that misses work will cost you time. You will have to have other employees cover for them, not allowing them to do the job they were hired for. This can slow your staff down or cause sloppiness, which costs your company money. When customers and outsiders see how unorganized your business is being run, you will lose your good reputation in the community. These issues can be detrimental to your business, so why not take the steps to make sure it never happens?

  • LandrumHR's Risk Management Service

    Once you start seeing the potential risks your company faces, it can become very overwhelming, very quickly. This is where a Columbia SC risk management solutions team can save you from taking on too much, too fast. LandrumHR has a risk management team that is qualified to assess professional safety. The team will research your company and immediately identify and address the risks that could occur. Chances are, there are several areas that have become a risk over time that you probably haven’t thought of. We can provide you with the most current information and help you in areas such as safety training, OSHA requirements, policy-making, as well as any local or state level laws, such as how to handle biomedical waste.

    While every company is different, every owner wants to make sure that their employees and the premises that your business occupies, is safe. LandrumHR’s Columbia SC risk management service can provide you with a safety plan that is tailored to your company. It will cover policies that may be out of date, and an overall assessment of how safe your company operates as a whole.

    We can also provide you with safety training for your staff. This could include First Aid and CPR training, how to keep on top of computer workstation health and safety, and ergonomic evaluations and arrangements. Additionally, we also can help with things like what to do in case of an injury or illness that occurred in the workplace, setting up a safety committee, drug and alcohol testing, and a safety program that includes accident investigation that is designed to prevent any problems from arising in the future.

    LandrumHR pledges to take every accident, injury, illness, and incident very seriously, no matter what it make look like on the surface. In order to make sure your staff can be safe from any future events that might occur, we will investigate any injuries that may have happened in the past, and make a prevention plan. Still, accidents may take place in the future, and if they do, we will take care of any legal requirements including First Report of Injury and claims management.

    When you utilize our Columbia SC risk management services, we take care of benefits management for you. LandrumHR offers an excellent workers' compensation policy that you are welcome to implement for your company as well. We only work with top-rated and qualified insurance carriers, and any worker’s compensation claim can be handled through our claims team. When the time comes that we have to handle workers compensation, we will keep your company’s best interests in mind, while also making sure to take care of your employee to the best of our ability. After all, the best investment that a business owner can make, is a happy and qualified employee. We do our best to make sure they are working in the safest conditions.

  • Benefits of Outsourcing Risk Management Services

    Hiring a Columbia SC risk management service like LandrumHR comes with a lot of benefits, as opposed to trying to take care of these problems in-house. For many smaller businesses, it makes more sense financially to outsource risk management concerns instead of hiring someone full-time. This is also true for any company that has a tight budget to be shared between several different departments.

    You may be thinking risk management is not really necessary, and that the chances of any problems happening are relatively low. However, any company that has had to deal with a work-related injury caused by a health and safety issue will tell you that it is far cheaper to develop a risk management plan beforehand, rather than dealing with the problems afterward. The fact is, having a quality policy in place will lower the risk of injuries, accidents, and illnesses and will absolutely lower the effects these problems will have on your staff and company as a whole. When you invest in risk management strategies you will see a return of $5 for every $1 spent on your investment. You are actually investing in not only the health of the people who work for you, but you actual company as well. Trust us when we tell you, you will be happy you did, if a situation happens.

    Working with a risk management service like LandrumHR shows your employees that their health and safety is extremely important to you. When you prove to your employees you are willing to take the steps necessary to improve their working conditions, they are much more likely to buy in to your company’s goals, and are much more willing to help you achieve them. Columbia SC risk management solutions can save you a lot in the long run, and shows that you are an company that cares about their staff.

    You have everything to gain by hiring a Columbia SC risk management services company. Protect yourself and your company by consulting with one of our professionals today. To learn more about our Columbia SC risk management solutions, please call us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer Risk Management solutions in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Sarasota, Panama City and Asheville NC.