• Benefits of Asheville Risk Management

    Risk management is important in any business, and you will certainly find there will be certain areas within your company that need to be addressed immediately. If you take steps now, you will be able to avoid any larger problems that may arise in the future. Early risk recognition results in significant return on investment.

    The first thing you should realize is risk management not only protects your interests as the owner of your company, but it also protects the health and safety of your employees as well. You will be able to detect any potential problems, whether they are common or not, and be able to come up with a comprehensive plan that everyone is on board with, ensuring that the problem will get handled swiftly and with as little detriment as possible to your business. Risk management is not just about identification, but also having a solution in place before the problem even exists. Risk management also assists with the compliance of both federal (OSHA) and state laws that pertain to health and safety.

    You will want to make sure you are prepared for any risks your business may encounter, because any risk that turns into a problem will cost you time, reputation and most importantly money. One such area to focus on is the potential for an employee to get injured at work. Without identifying a risk, the chances of injury increase dramatically and a workers’ compensation claim can cost your company big time in terms of both money, but also lost worker’s hours. This is just one example of the many things that can be prevented with a comprehensive risk management plan. Work-related injuries affect your OSHA record keeping and reporting, as well as insurance costs.

  • Our Risk Management Service

    Once you have seen the list of all of the potential risks your company could face, it may overwhelm you initially. However, hiring LandrumHR and utilizing our Asheville risk management solutions, is the first step toward whittling that list down to something more manageable.

    We will provide you with a professional and qualified risk management, claims management and safety team. Our team will be able to analyze your business and its practices and identify and address any risks that you may be heading toward. Over time, risk management has changed dramatically and we have changed with it. Our Asheville risk control team is up-to-date on the latest policies, OSHA requirements, and tested techniques that are guaranteed to lower the risk your employees will face on a daily basis.

    We know that no two business are the same, but some things are universal when it comes to any company. You will want your employees and your work environment to be safe. Our team will conduct a thorough investigation of your company and its practices and produce a comprehensive safety and health management plan that is customized to how your business operates. We can also provide you with a sample written safety plan to put in place if needed.

    Some areas you will want to have a plan for are safety training for all your employees, first aid and CPR training, workstation safety, health and comfort, drug and alcohol testing, OSHA training, and what to do in case of an emergency situation that involves either an incident or an accident in your company. All of these are about prevention, and making sure that your business is a safe place to work for everyone. Our risk services include in-person training as well as an online learning management system (LMS).

  • Why Outsourcing Can Work for You

    At LandrumHR, there is no injury, illness, incident, or accident that we do not take seriously regardless of how it may look. This will ensure to your employees that each and every one of them is important to you, and their safety and health is your biggest concern. Our claims management team will work with injured employees, ensuring they receive necessary medical care in a timely matter. Our safety professionals will assist in conducting accident/injury investigations to make sure that root causes are identified, corrective actions recommended, and to greatly reduce the risk of something happening in the future.

    Furthermore, we will take care of all the legal requirements necessary like First Report of Injury to the state and any claims management that is required.

    We also take care of Asheville benefit management services to go along with our risk management services. LandrumHR provides a worker’s compensation policy that you can use for your company. We only work with qualified, A-rated insurance carriers. We will not only work with your injured employee to make sure that they are taken care of, we will also make sure to keep your company’s best interest front and center. It is no secret that your best investment is your employees, make sure to treat them like they are just that, and that they know you take their health and safety seriously.

    You might be wondering why you cannot just handle these situations in-house instead of investing in a company to do the work for you. Surely it would be cheaper to take care of it on your own. Unfortunately this is just not the case. For many smaller companies it makes more financial sense to bring in a consultant or to outsource it entirely, because of the legal ramifications that could occur if the claim is handled incorrectly. Furthermore, if you do not have a risk management plan in place, and allow potential problems to go unchecked, you could find yourself in a very actionable position if tragedy were to happen. It is understandable to think these situations rarely happen, and you probably will not need to take action now. If something were to happen however, you will spend a long time wondering if it could have been prevented if you would have just come up with a risk management plan. Our 40 years of experience at LandrumHR has taught us that it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your employees’ health.

    When you hire a risk management team like the one offered by LandrumHR, you are letting your employees know right away that you take their health, safety and wellness seriously. It will raise morale and let your employees know that you care, a common complaint that many employees have about management in general. Your clients will also take notice and realize you are an extremely professional company that knows how to operate its business. In short, the investment in a risk management consultant more than makes up for itself by ensuring your workers’ safety, raising morale, and giving off a vibe of professionalism to your clients. To learn more about putting together a risk management plan and solutions, contact one of our Asheville risk management consultants today. 

    We also offer Risk Management solutions in PensacolaFort Walton Beach, Panama City, Sarasota, and Columbia, SC