Praise for Working a Better Way

 “A wonderful book chock-full of wisdom as well as practical approaches to creating organizational excellence, from a man who lives it and built a great company applying these timeless principles.”

JAMES C. HUNTER Consultant and author of internationally best-selling books including The Servant: A Simple Story About the True Essence of Leadership

“We think of HR as being about compliance, rules, and policies, but the heart of it is still human. Mr. Landrum understood the value of trust, and its connection to employee engagement, long before it was a ‘thing.’ Working a Better Way is not just a great story—it’s a must-read for anyone growing a business. While many things about the world of work have changed, the importance of good relationships remains constant. People are still our greatest asset. Think of this book as a roadmap for building a company that attracts and keeps the right people—people who engage and do the right thing to help you build an unstoppable brand.”

QUINT STUDER Founder of the Studer Community Institute and author of Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Busy Leader’s Handbook

Working A Better Way is a lesson filled chronicle of how this gentle but persistent entrepreneur founded and grew a successful, values-centered business based on the rock-solid principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Mr. Landrum’s strategy for success was simple—’Trust and believe in yourself and your employees; find good people to help you; show them love and encouragement; and help them be all they can be.’ ”

ED RANELLI Dean Emeritus and Professor, College of Business, University of West Florida

“It was a lot of fun to read about a former teacher who decided to do something entrepreneurial and was led to a vocation in HR services. It’s a great case study for those interested in learning about people’s experiences in business, the pursuit of new opportunities, and the ‘why’ behind the decisions that drive success.”

JOHN HEER Retired Health System CEO and three-time recipient of the Malcolm Baldrige Award, the nation’s Presidential Award for Quality

“This is the story of a boot straps start for someone with a willingness to forego current income in exchange for the future strength of his business. You have to respect someone with that dedication and bravery. It’s just evidence of what Britt is as a man–what you see is what you get. It was as pleasurable to read the book as it is to be around him.”

MORT O’SULLIVAN CPA, LandrumHR Advisory Board member, founder and former managing partner of O’Sullivan Creel (now Warren Averett)

“A fascinating story of how a guy started with an idea and built on it, who was willing to fail and experiment, smart enough to know when to walk away from bad ideas that seemed good at the time, persevered, and built a very successful company. It’s a great American story.”

AL STUBBLEFIELD Former Baptist Health Care CEO and author of The Baptist Health Care Journey to Excellence: Creating a Culture that WOWs!