• Why Outsource Your Payroll Processing?

    We have a team of experts who can take the payroll burden out of your office for your contingent workforce.  It’s a convenient process that provides accuracy and compliance and allows you to focus on your business.

    Our payroll processing allows you to:

    • Employ temp or seasonal workers, consultants, or interns without legal concerns,
    • Ensure all wages, taxes and other payroll obligations are handled correctly, and
    • Balance your staffing needs when your workloads vary.

  • How It Works

    Employees recruited by you are payrolled through LandrumHR for a percentage on top of the pay rate you provide. Using LandrumHR's payroll processing makes us the “employer of record;” therefore we manage all payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, workers’ compensation, child support deductions, etc.

    Liabilities You Shift to Us:

    • I-9 compliance
    • W-2 Form preparation
    • Employment-related taxes
    • ACA reporting and tracking
    • Compliance with changing payroll legislation and tax obligations
    • Filing deadlines
    • Timely and accurate payroll

  • Best Times to Use Payroll Processing

    • Project-Based Hiring:  Payroll processing is great if you’re looking to hire employees for short or long-term projects. Hiring them directly, exposes your business to benefit costs and other obligations.
    • Seasonal Hiring: If you hire summertime or holiday employees, payroll processing relieves you from mounds of paperwork and unemployment risks.
    • Workforce Downsizing: Fluctuating workloads can cause your need for employees to go up and down. We can help balance your staffing needs when your workloads vary.
    • Small Businesses:  Payroll processing eliminates the need to hire payroll staff along with the costs of printing and distributing paychecks. We allow you to rest assured that your employee is paid in accordance with all laws and regulations.

  • Employee Requirements and Benefits

    Employees will enter time electronically, by computer or smart phone, and may choose to be paid by direct deposit or Visa debit pay card.  Employees may view their weekly paychecks 24 hours a day through LandrumHR’s online portal.  In addition, they will have access to the following online forms:

    • E-W2 Wage and Tax Statement
    • W-4 Employee’s Withholding Certificate
    • Address Change Form

    Because we become the employer of record, employees payrolled through us are required to comply with our:
    These employees are also eligible to take advantage of select LandrumHR benefits, including:

  • Success Stories

    "It has been a pleasurable experience partnering with LandrumHR for over 10 years to provide payroll processing for our YouthWorks Program. The staff and agency convey the same values as Children's Home Society. They are always warm and welcoming; offering quality service with integrity, innovation, respect, diversity, and stewardship. In addition they provide thorough feedback to better help us assist our participants in the area of work and employability skills. We look forward to continuing our partnership."   -Phyllis Curl, YouthWorks

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Using a payroll processing service for the first time can feel overwhelming, and we know that confident decision-making requires thorough research.

    View the most commonly asked questions we receive about recruiting and staffing.

  • Other Employer Services Available