• What Are Asheville PEO Services?

    The idea behind an Asheville PEO company is you can allow your staff to focus on the responsibilities they were hired for, without having to come up with a make shift HR department if something goes wrong. LandrumHR can take care of all, or part of your Human Resource needs.

    The number one reason a company would outsource any type of work, is to save money. This is true for PEO services as well. It is vitally important to have a functioning HR department that is up-to-date on all legal obligation your company has toward its employees.

    Chances are, you may already have an HR department; or rather you have one employee that is dedicated to performing all of the tasks that an HR department has. From onboarding new employees, employee benefits, compensation, employee performance and regulations, and compliance with the laws of both your state and the country, it is an awful lot to expect out of one individual.

    Even if your employee seems to be able to handle the rigorous day-to-day operations of Human Resources, what happens if that employee goes on vacation, gets sick, or has to leave the company for whatever reason? If you do not have another person trained and qualified to handle situations as they arise, your HR employee might be overwhelmed with work when they return, and that is assuming that nothing happens in their absence where a representative from HR is mandatory. 

  • Benefits of an Asheville Professional Employer Organization

    This is where a PEO is most beneficial for your company. There will always have someone to take care of the problems that can arise in your business. Our employees are trained and up-to-date on all the latest laws and regulations that apply to employees at both a state and federal level. At LandrumHR, we can help with hiring, firing, benefits, as well as employee relations for your company, at a very affordable price. Our Asheville PEO services are second to none, and with our over 40 years of experience, you will not have to worry about your HR department any longer.

    If you are interested in learning more about Asheville PEO companies, LandrumHR is more than happy to answer any question you may have. We can explain all the services we provide to both you and your employees, and we can customize a package that more than satisfies all of your Human Resources needs. If you decide that working with us is the right way to go, we will put a contract together which allows us to co-employ your staff, so we can share all of the benefits we have to offer.

    Now you may be skeptical at first, but we assure you that you retain 100% ownership of your company, and you get to decide all day-to-day business operations. All this contract allows us to do, is assume responsibility for matters relating to employment. This includes payroll, benefits, and risk management.

    This is where the benefit of working with our Asheville PEO really kicks in. By pooling our customers together, we can provide you and your company a benefits package that covers all of the needs that your employees require, at a much more affordable rate than if you tried to do it on your own. Furthermore, you can be assured that every action taken is not only safe, but also compliant with local, state, and federal law, protecting you from any potential litigation in the future. The overall attitude of your staff will be positive, because they are not only receiving a benefits package that suits them, but their HR and payroll needs are taken care of professionally. Utilizing a PEO like LandrumHR, with over 40 years’ experience in the field, makes sense not only for the overall welfare of your company, but financially as well.

    We also offer PEO services in PensacolaFort Walton Beach, Panama City, Sarasota, and Columbia, SC