• What interview questions can I anticipate?

    Practice makes perfect and it’s very important that you anticipate interview questions and have thoughtful answers in mind.  Interviewers are not looking for simply “yes” and “no” answers.  They are probing to learn as much as they can about you by utilizing “behavior-based” questions.  Think about how you would answer questions such as:

    • What previous job was the most satisfying to you and why?  Your answer may reveal your true passion and provide a peek at what best motivates you on the job.
    • What previous job was the most frustrating to you and why?  This is not permission for you to speak negatively about a former employer.  This is a probing question to learn how you deal with less than ideal conditions and situations.
    • Think of a problem customer or co-worker that you had to deal with at work.  Tell me what happened and how you handled it.  Your answer will help the interviewer determine your customer service skills and teamwork attitude.
    • Give me an example of a time when you went beyond your employers’ normal job expectations in order to get the job done.  This is your perfect opportunity to give a real example of what makes you stand above the crowd.  You can effectively demonstrate your initiative, enthusiasm for the job, and your solid work ethic.