• Let us help you grow your practice, focus on patient care and improve your bottom line.

    Medical practices can focus on patients instead of paperwork by streamlining HR, lowering costs and improving employee retention and benefits by partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

    A PEO takes over day-to-day HR functions and the offers the support and expertise of an experienced HR team with the convenience of a cutting-edge HRIS system that makes scaling your practice easy across multiple locations or even multiple states.
    LandrumHR’s medical practice PEO services make it easier to:

    Find and keep quality employees. LandrumHR’s Applicant Tracking System helps you efficiently recruit and retain the best people while lowering turnover costs.

    Offer great benefits that employees want. LandrumHR's high-quality benefits packages help attract and retain quality, certified nurses, experienced administrators, and other medical practice staff with better plans and better rates.

    Keep up with compliance and identify risk. LandrumHR’s risk management for medical practices helps you stay ahead of potential issues and keeps you in compliance. 

    Let go of payroll and paperwork. LandrumHR manages payroll administration and assumes your payroll liabilities. We issue all year-end W-2's and calculate and deposit federal, state, and local taxes.

    Worry less about workers' compensation and unemployment claims. LandrumHR assumes liabilities and handles medical practice workers' compensation and unemployment claims.

    Get the best competitive comp packages. LandrumHR has the expertise and relationships with national and regional companies to find the best providers for your needs.

    Spend less time and money on transactional HR. LandrumHR’s self-service employee portal allows medical practice employees to print their own paycheck stubs, manage their benefits online, and more.

    Cover COVID compliance. LandrumHR has been on top of COVID-19 legislation and compliance from the beginning, including COVID-specific risk management services, up-to-the-minute resources, and continual compliance updates, which are critical for all healthcare providers.

    If you’re ready to get rid of HR red tape and focus more on patient care, LandrumHR PEO services can make it happen.

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