August 09, 2018

Impediments to PEO Sales and How to Overcome Them

In PEO sales, it’s always something. Sales are going along great, then suddenly you hit a certain size and hit the wall. You start hearing prospects say they don’t need a PEO because they can look everything up on the Internet. Or, you realize you need to reevaluate your value drivers to differentiate your PEO company and recalibrate to your market.

If it’s not one thing, it’s another, so what’s a PEO to do? The good news is, as this feature illustrates, there’s always something:

  • When you hit one of those natural growth plateaus and want to get past it, do your research and invest in organic sales;
  • If you want to improve sales results, use the right metrics to develop better prospecting, appointments, and proposals;
  • When prospects suddenly “know it all” because they have the Internet, double down on your value sale and remind them that they get what they pay for;
  • If the sales process has become too complicated for younger business owners, meet them halfway by engaging them on your website and consider the online sale;
  • Has your sale become stale and your PEO just another PEO? Examine your value drivers and make sure they differentiate you and match your market;
  • Are sales disruptors hitting you from all directions? Track them down and apply imagination and persistence; and finally,
  • Is your marketing operation becoming so “robust” that it fails to engage its audience and has substituted quantity for quality marketing content? Step back, pause to listen, raise the bar on your content, and improve your connection.


Jerold Hall, Director of Business Development at LandrumHR, shares his
insight about what he focuses on to improve sales.



"If you have a well-prepared prospecting strategy that involves quality, targeted cold calls, you will be more successful in getting quality meetings. When you prepare thoroughly for qualified meetings and build a strong business case for the decision maker, you will get more proposals. Finally, when measuring higher quality proposals, you absolutely should have a higher-than-average closing ratio." - Jerold Hall

Jerold helps businesses of all sizes find the most efficient, cost effective ways to handle their human resources challenges. If you’re interested in learning more about how to increase your profitability and employee productivity while reducing liability and costs, contact us today.
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