Mastering the Elevator Pitch

Mastering the Elevator Pitch

by Makenzee R. Taylor, on September 28, 2023
It is vital to have a well-crafted elevator pitch for networking events, job interviews, and unexpected opportunities in today's fast-paced job market. An elevator pitch is your chance to make a positive first impression and show your unique skills.

With it, you can confidently introduce yourself and your qualifications in a short amount of time. Your elevator pitch should be tailored to the job opportunity, highlighting the most relevant skills and experiences.
What is an Elevator Pitch? 

An elevator pitch is a short, prepared speech or presentation you can give when meeting a potential employer. It should be concise, clear, and tailored to the position you are applying for. In terms of length, an elevator pitch should be no more than two minutes in length. The name,  "elevator pitch", comes from the idea that it should be short enough to deliver during brief elevator trip. 

The primary purpose of an elevator pitch is to catch someone's attention quickly and make your presence memorable. When delivered correctly, you can display interest, credentials, and credibility through meaningful conversation. 

How to Structure an Elevator Pitch

A compelling elevator pitch typically comprises three key elements:
  1. Introduction: Start with a self-introduction that includes who you are.
  2. Value Proposition: Explain what you do, your goals or mission, any solutions you offer, and how you can provide value. 
  3. Call to Action: Encourage the listener to take action, such as scheduling a meeting to continue your conversation. 
Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

Before crafting your pitch, it’s wise to take time for self-reflection. Identify your strengths, skills, and what makes you unique. 

Consider questions like:
  • In what areas of expertise do I excel?
  • Professionally, what motivates me?
  • What problems can I help solve with my skills and experience?
Write out your elevator pitch. Focus on writing down your thoughts first rather than perfecting it. Then, take the time to refine and rehearse. Practice in front of a mirror or to your friends and family and ask for feedback. Practice makes perfect!

Example of an Elevator Pitch

The example pitch below is for a computer engineer.

"I'm an engineer with ten years of experience developing software and hardware systems for various industries. I'm passionate about creating innovative solutions that solve complex problems and eager to bring my expertise to your team."

You never know when an opportunity will arise. Your chances of meeting someone influential and interested in what you have to offer are endless. Always have your elevator pitch ready. Ask colleagues, friends, and networking contacts for feedback if you want to refine and improve your pitch!

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Makenzee is an HR Assistant with LandrumHR Workforce Solutions. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a degree in marketing. Born and raised in Northern California, Makenzee enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the beach, traveling and binge-watching TV shows in her free time.

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