It can be challenging to find a job and then stand out in a field of applicants. It can be even more difficult to make it to the end of the hiring process. If you find yourself frustrated, or even defeated by trying to find jobs in Fort Walton Beach, it may be time to start working with a staffing company to help you find the perfect position. By working with a Fort Walton Beach HR staffing company like LandrumHR, you will have access to a multitude of jobs and a greater chance of being noticed in the field where you want to work.

  • What a Fort Walton Beach Staffing Company Can Do for Job Seekers

    LandrumHR, a Fort Walton Beach staffing company, works with several different employers in a variety of industries to help find the perfect candidates for their open job postings. We will work not only with them, but also with you, to help find the perfect match between potential employees and employers. If you want to secure a job in FWB, FL., we can start you off on the right track.
    LandrumHR has a vested interest in making sure our candidates are hired by the employers that we work with. We do everything we can to get you noticed by the right people. You can be assured that we are working hard for you, because when you find a job, we count that as a success.
    As someone looking for a job, one of the biggest concerns is that you never really know what a company is looking for, and what exactly they expect from an newly hired employee. When you work with LandrumHR, those problems are a thing of the past. We pre-screen with our employers, meaning they can pick and choose exactly what they want in a prospect, which means if you are contacted and asked to move forward in the hiring process, you will already know that you fit their criteria.
    You have probably spent a lot of time scrolling through online job postings and local newspapers trying to find Fort Walton Beach jobs that are open, and hoping that you are the right fit. With LandrumHR, we come to you when an employer is interested in your skill set. Another benefit of working with our HR staffing team is once you're hired, we can set up flexible paycheck arrangements, by setting you up with direct deposit, or even a pay card. We also offer discounts and savings through a corporate program, and will give you cash for referring quality applicants to us. At LandrumHR, we want to reward all of our candidates for putting their trust in us.
    Another benefit of working with LandrumHR is we have customers in all kinds of different industries. It does not matter if you are highly-specialized or have knowledge in more general skills, we have customers that are looking for quality candidates to fill open positions. Let our experience help assist you in your job search.

  • The Hiring Process

    You might be thinking that our process to begin finding you a job is long and complicated. In reality though, it is very straightforward. Job seekers simply have to upload their resume using our online jobs portal. From there, you will be entered into our talent pool, available for any potential employer to hire. Once you have completed this step, we do the work for you. We will search our customers' job openings to find the type of candidates they are looking for, the qualifications they require, and whether the opening is temporary or a permanent job.
    Once we have found a match, we may ask you to do some additional work, a skills assessment test for example. You can be assured that it is for a company that is very interested in you. If you make it to the interview stage, we will contact you immediately and set you up with one of our hiring specialists.
    Remember, the more flexible you are with things such as hours and level of employment, the more likely you will be hired. Ideally, you may want a permanent position, but by taking something temporary, you may prove yourself as useful to the company, and convince them to hire you full-time. Even if it does not turn into a permanent job, you will have gained valuable job training and more experience in the field, increasing your likelihood of gaining full-time employment in the future. You may be surprised how working with our Fort Walton Beach temporary staffing agencies cab be beneficial for your future.

  • Companies Use Staffing Firms

    At times, it might feel like there is a secret society out there that you are not a part of, where companies are looking for candidates for their Fort Walton Beach jobs. You may see that someone gets hired for a position that was never even posted. How is it that you missed this opportunity? Chances are that company used a recruiting company like LandrumHR to ensure they are only meeting candidates that are perfect for the job.
    There is really no way around it, several different companies in a variety of industries are now using Fort Walton Beach temporary staffing agencies to ensure they are finding the quality applicants they are looking for. Work with a Fort Walton Beach HR staffing firm like LandrumHR, and see how your opportunities increase exponentially.

  • Look For Jobs in Fort Walton Beach Through LandrumHR Today!

    You have very little to lose by signing up with our Fort Walton Beach employee staffing firm, but the potential for being hired is a lot greater. We are not telling you that you should abandon all of the other channels you have used in the past, it is no secret the more you are out there, the greater likelihood you will be noticed. You may be pleasantly surprised at how hard we work for you to find you the perfect job. Simply by giving us your resume, you will become visible to a lot of potential employers.
    There is no way that we can guarantee to find the job of your dreams, but we can say your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for is greatly increased by trusting LandrumHR’s proven staffing services.

    We aim to satisfy both our client companies and the applicants that make up our potential candidate pool. We can't promise to make that dream job a reality, but we can promise if you take the first step by signing up with our hiring service your chances are greater!

    In this competitive business world, give yourself an advantage over other job seekers. Put the expertise of LandrumHR’s team in your corner. For more information regarding our Fort Walton Beach HR staffing services, please contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer HR staffing services for employees in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties at our Pensacola staffing office, and in Bay county at our Panama City office.