Our founder started our company in 1970 for the very same reasons.

At LandrumHR, we believe Forbes Magazine got it right ". . . small businesses are the engines of job creation in the country."

We also believe that the economy can't recover without a healthy small business community.

We understand that many small business owners are frustrated and overwhelmed by increasing government regulation, skyrocketing insurance costs and finding and keeping the best employees.

We understand you just want to simplify your life and get back to running your business. We felt the same way, so we did something about it.

In 1984, after 14 years of listening to our customers, we created a service that leverages the experience and expertise of nearly 200 HR and employment specialists to take away some of your frustrations.

Since then, we have helped over 1,000 business owners from across the country get back five to ten hours a week so that they can focus on what is important.

Don’t let the red tape of being an employer keep you from falling back in love with your
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