• Employment Law 101 OnDemand

    If your business has more than one employee, then you need to have an understanding of employment law. Understanding the area of law that governs the employer-employee relationship is an integral part of running a successful organization.
    hrQ Managing Consultant, Becki Haines, delivers the first session of a two-part course offering participants a working knowledge of employment law.

    Session 101:
    • Includes the following topics and laws: First-Time Supervisors, EEO, ADA, FMLA.
    • Introduces laws regulating employment to enhance confidence in handling employment issues.
    • Identifies when to partner with their Human Resources Manager for additional guidance.
    • Raises a supervisor’s level of knowledge of the laws and regulations and lessens the potential for litigation. 

    Recorded on March 17, 2022

    Employment Law 101 - OnDemand