Frequently Asked Question and Answer

Q: Why should I read Working a Better Way if I’m not in human resources and do not have a history with LandrumHR?

A: Mr. Landrum wrote his story as a history of the company he founded in 1970, and a memoir of his personal beliefs and experiences along the way. In the Preface, he makes a point of saying that this book is not intended to be read as a leadership manual or instruction book on how others should run their companies. Nonetheless, the history of LandrumHR as written, measures up as a case study on what ‘working a better way’ means in a practical sense. Yes - this book was written for Mr. Landrum’s employees and family, principally, to document his and their journey.  But it really is so much more.

Inspiration may well come to non-affiliated business owners, entrepreneurs, and organizational leaders interested in the working habits of LandrumHR that align with Mr. Landrum’s characteristic leadership qualities. The core values and leadership traits depicted in Mr. Landrum’s story were considered by the sponsors of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award in 2007 when LandrumHR made application—and won on its first attempt. Valuable insights are assured for readers considering their own approaches to organizational excellence in leadership, strategic planning, human resources, customers and markets, information and analysis, process management, and driving for results.

The answer to why you should read Working a Better Way is perhaps best summed up by John Heer, retired Health System CEO whose hospitals on three occasions won the Malcolm Baldrige Award, the nation’s Presidential Award for Quality, “It’s a great case study for those interested in learning about people’s experiences in business, the pursuit of new opportunities, and the ‘why’ behind the decisions that drive success.”

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