Reflections of YVONNE NELLUMS 
Retired Director of HR for the PEO Division

I recognize how blessed I’ve been to be able to do what I’ve been doing for 35 years. I’ve had a good employer, and I’ve been surrounded by good, honest people. As employees of LandrumHR, we have had great lives. We’ve been able to support our families and make a good living while doing something we love!

Mr. Landrum was a great leader, and I never wanted to disappoint him. He taught us about dignity and respect, and how to treat each other. We had the opportunity to grow. We weren’t micro-managed, so we could spread our wings. Everyone worked so well together. We were like a family. Everybody trusted each other. Everyone loved each other.

I loved what I did every day. I loved the company that I worked for. I believe that we were very good at what we did. We put our customers first and were sincere in wanting to help them. Our company’s mission was working together to enrich lives. I think that’s what we did every day.