Reflections of SUSAN HUNSUCKER 

Retired Director of Employee Benefits for the PEO Division

Mr. Landrum was definitely an innovator, and very involved in the early years of employee leasing–now “PEO.” Our company benefitted from his involvement in all of that. When we went to a PEO conference and others saw on our name badge that we’re with Landrum, they would say, ‘You must be awesome because you work there!’ It gave us credibility. The company itself has always had an excellent reputation and is well known in the industry.

Mr. Landrum’s reputation in the community made clients feel secure knowing it was a reputable company and helped us to get and maintain clients. He also created a very close-knit caring culture, one that allowed you to grow and fail occasionally without being made to feel badly about that, being able to learn from your mistakes, and being supported and encouraged. It was wonderful.

Mr. Landrum instilled the values that the employees had toward the clients and towards each other. One of our values was the respect and dignity of all individuals, treating everybody with respect and dignity.

As I look back, what strikes me is that it wasn’t just my journey–it’s my whole family, really. My kids grew up there and remember boat rides with Mr. Landrum at the company picnic. I wouldn’t be where I am now, as far as being able to retire and financially set, without the benefits that were available to me, and that were provided to all of us. Of course, all of that impacts my whole family. Also, our values aligned. That’s part of why it was such a good fit for me, and why I was there so long. It was very much the same ethics and values that I was brought up with myself– hard-working, honest, trustworthy, diligent, persistent. All those things.