Reflections of PEGGY FORTUNATO 
Retired Corporate Director of Human Resources

I knew right away when I started (in 1976) that it was a different atmosphere. Mr. Landrum treated the employees like family and with respect. That was the comment I heard throughout my whole career–the respect for Mr. Landrum and the culture. It was not like other places where people had worked. Mr. Landrum’s patience and forgiveness to employees set the example. He always took an interest in us.

What’s unique about LandrumHR goes back to culture. The culture started at the top with Mr. Landrum and then trickled down to managers and supervisors, in the way you treat people, with respect.

The commitment of staff to being their best and doing the right thing sets LandrumHR apart. It’s the devotion to the clients that stands out, and from the internal side, it’s the values-driven culture inspired by Mr. Landrum and instilled in each of us.