Reflections of ERIC NICKELSEN 

LandrumHR Advisory Board Member

Good stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Britt’s covers the 50 years since founding his company. When he first came to me looking for a banker as he was getting under way, there was confidence. There was integrity. There was a vision, and a reality–a reality meaning, “I don’t think I’m going to do this overnight and make a million dollars tomorrow.” He had vision that was doable.

You get to the middle of that–I wasn’t involved, but he was in a quandary then. Do I sell this company? Do I go forward and take more risk? Am I able to do this? Am I able to hire people who are good enough? He hired a psychologist to help him out with those type of things, to grow the company and have the right people on board.

You get to the end–the end is that he’s got a CEO who he tutored, he educated, he believes in, he trusts, and he knows that after he’s gone from here, the company is in good hands.