Frequently Asked Question and Answer

Q: Mr. Landrum, what compelled you to write the history of your company?

A: Writing the history of my company was an idea that grew over a period of years. Friends and associates had encouraged me to capture the experiences of founding and nurturing what had become a very successful business that meant so much to so many people—staff members who had successful careers with the company, job seekers who obtained work when they needed it, including some who started new jobs that developed into long and successful careers, and clients who obtained great employees year after year and learned to depend on us for HR advice and service.

In telling the story of LandrumHR I wanted to give credit to the many trusted and dedicated employees who worked very hard to create, grow and sustain a business that we could all be proud of.  I wanted readers of our story to know the importance we placed on always doing the “right thing” and being the capable, responsible people that we were expected to be.  I also wanted to share something about the culture of family that we developed over the years, and how our staff members demonstrated compassion for each other, for the less fortunate in our communities, as well as for clients and worksite employees who experienced hardship along the way.

Finally, I wanted to highlight the importance of abiding by the “Golden Rule” in both business and personal relationships.  This was certainly my goal, and for our employees as well.  I firmly believe that the long-term, trusting relationships we developed over the years played an important role in our success.