‘About’ Working a Better Way
In Working a Better Way, Mr. Landrum tells the story of the founding of his human resources services company and shares the challenges and successes he experienced over a span of fifty years. His memoir gives credit to the many employees who shared the journey with him in making LandrumHR one of the industry’s most successful mid-tier players.
As a passionate and principled leader, Mr. Landrum’s personal values characterize the company he visualized and nurtured throughout the years. His tenacity and unyielding focus emerge as critical success factors that drive his team and his business forward. The core values and leadership traits depicted in Mr. Landrum’s story were considered by the sponsors of the Florida Governor’s Sterling Award in 2007 when LandrumHR made application—and won on its first attempt. Valuable insights are assured for readers considering their own approaches to leadership, strategic planning, human resources, customers and markets, information and analysis, process management, and driving for results.
The title of the book is a slogan that LandrumHR used in its advertising and brochures for many years, and aptly describes the company’s fifty year journey in benefit to clients and employees alike.
Displayed here is an AmStaff ad titled ‘Working a Better Way’ that appeared in the Pensacola Magazine in 1995. (AmStaff is the former name of LandrumHR’s PEO division.)