• Time Keeping

    We have you set up to enter your hours online using our electronic time keeping system, PeopleNet.  PeopleNet will not recognize you as an employee until noon on your first day.  After this time, you will be able to register your account and login.

    • Contact LandrumHR's Payroll Department at WFSPayroll@Landrumhr.com or 850-476-5100 if you run into any issues. Do not contact your worksite employer. 
    • Hours must be entered each week no later than midnight CST on Saturday.

  • EZ Pay Card

    • If you were placed through the Pensacola office, our payroll runs Sunday through Saturday, and employees are paid every Wednesday. If you were placed through the Fort Walton Beach office, employees are paid every Friday.
    • Payroll may be delayed on weeks with a holiday, but we will provide advanced notice in this instance.
    • You have selected to be paid using LandrumHR's EZ Pay Card. Your check will be loaded onto your card every Wednesday morning.
    • Have questions about LandrumHR's EZ Pay Card? View the EZ Pay Card Fact Sheet here.

  • Attendance

    • We expect all of our employees to arrive on time to their assignment every day. 
    • If you are to be late or absent, you need to call both your worksite employer and LandrumHR
    • If it is after hours, please call 850-476-5100 (ext. 658) and leave us a message.

  • Electronic Device Usage

    • It is LandrumHR's policy to use your worksite employers' computers/equipment for business purposes only.
    • We ask that you do not use your cell phone while you are at work unless it is an emergency.  If this is the case, you need to let your worksite employer know immediately.

  • Injured/Illness

    • If you have an injury or illness of any kind, during work assigned hours:
    **Immediately report your injury to your Onsite Supervisor and your LandrumHR Specialist**
    Pensacola: (850) 476-5100
    Fort Walton Beach/Destin: (850) 244-0026

  • Tasks Change

    • If your daily assigned tasks change or are different than what was communicated with you, contact your HR Specialist immediately.
    • If your daily assigned tasks change to include: driving, lifting, or heights, contact your HR Specialist.
    • If your daily assigned tasks cause concern for safety, contact your HR Specialist.

  • Request for Re-Assignment or Ended Assignment

    • If for whatever reason you wish to no longer work on this assignment, LandrumHR requires that you provide your worksite employer with a two week’s notice either verbally or in writing.
    • Failure to provide a two week's notice will prevent future placement through LandrumHR.
    • If for whatever reason your assignment ends, you are required to not report back to your worksite employer's office or try to contact them for whatever reason (this is normal protocol). 
    • Please direct all of your questions and concerns to your LandrumHR Human Resources Specialist (not your worksite employer) at 850-476-5100.

  • Unemployment Disclosure

    • By law, we are required to notify you that if your assignment does end for any reason, you must contact LandrumHR within three (3) business days for possible re-assignment. 
    • Failure to do so may result in denial of future unemployment benefits. 

  • Tips for Success

    • Professionalism – Always be neatly groomed and clothes pressed.
    • Business Etiquette – Be mindful of company policies and procedures regarding technology (cell phone, email, and social media sites). 
    • Honesty – Be trustworthy.
    • Adaptability – Be flexible to adjust to unexpected events that may occur.
    • Work Ethic – Be mindful that you are a representative of both LandrumHR and your worksite employer.
    • Dependability - Attendance and punctuality are essential.  Your punctuality and attendance affect your colleagues’ schedules and the overall experience for the customer.
    • Positive Attitude – Employers hire for attitude - tasks are learned.  Have a “Can-do” attitude.
    • Self-Motivated – Driven to succeed.  Offer solutions and be a problem-solver.
    We hope this information will be helpful in making you feel welcome on your assignment.  The success and future of our company depends on our ability to initiate a positive customer experience for both you and your worksite employer.

    Thank you for representing LandrumHR and again, congratulations on your new assignment!

  • Contact Information

    Pensacola Office

    • 6723 Plantation Rd  -  Pensacola, FL 32504                      
    • (850) 476-5100      
    • (800) 888-0472

    Fort Walton Beach Office

    • 73 Eglin Pkwy NE, #110  -  Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548               
    • (850) 244-0026
    • (800) 888-0472

    Panama City Office
    • 3009 Hwy 77, Suite O  -  Panama City, FL 32405
    • (850) 266-6222
    • (800) 888-0427