Sarasota consulting firms such as LandrumHR can help alleviate many problems that your company may be facing in its Human Resources department. If you are not familiar with the industry, it is not always easy to understand how an HR department operates, or exactly what it can do for your company if it is run efficiently. We can help you along the way, take care of your HR needs, and even oversee your entire Human Resources department for you. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can put their expertise to good use for you.
  • Our Sarasota Human Resources Consulting Services

    Our Sarasota human resources consulting services have helped our customers achieve their business goals for over forty years. We have worked with thousands of different businesses in a variety of industries, and have helped improve employee morale and productivity along the way.

    At LandrumHR, we would like the opportunity to consult with you to make sure your business is reaching the heights that you want it to. Over the years we have developed several different strategies on how to run a successful HR department that can be tailored to any business type or size. We can help you see what areas need work, and what long-term solutions are available to fix the problems. Our team can point out the areas needing expansion, which ones might need to be downsized, and the problem areas in need of immediate assistance. We understand that no two business are the same, so we have customized our solutions to fit your business model, allowing your company to continue to thrive.

    You will no longer have to wonder what solutions will be the best, or have to go through a long and expensive trial and error system to figure out how to make improvements. Our Sarasota human resources consulting professionals, will find the right solutions for you the first time. This will save both time and money, and show your employees you have their best interests in mind.

    We will provide you with an experienced Sarasota HR consultant who will make sure your employee handbooks are legally compliant at every level, overhaul job descriptions to ensure your employees know exactly what is expected of them, and provide strong policies that will not only keep your staff’s best interests in mind, but also improve the reputation and image of your company, leading you on the path toward continued growth. We are here to provide practical solutions that can be implemented immediately.

  • Benefits of Hiring a Columbia SC HR Consultant

    If you are a small business, it is possible you do not currently have a Human Resources department. You may struggle to find the time to meet the needs of your employees, or have trouble finding space in the budget to hire someone to act as an HR representative. If this is the case, you will not be able to keep up with your competitors, and your overall business could suffer as a result of it. Your employees might be unhappy, morale might be down, and productivity could come to a standstill. Any one of these problems could be crippling to your company.

    However, when you partner with LandrumHR you are not just outsourcing your Human Resources department, you are investing in a company that can provide you with forty years of experience in the field, and are extremely skilled at all aspect of Human Resources. From day one we will be able to start improving your HR needs and customize our approach to your company. Working with our team allows you to concentrate on other areas of your company, and keeps you and your staff on track. We are on-call to help you with any HR concerns you may have.

    We can communicate with your staff and utilize the conflict resolution skills we have acquired over the years to squash any problems that exist between your employees, some of which you might not even know about. We are discreet and professional, and know exactly what to ask and how to ask it to make sure that problems are solved immediately with satisfaction from all parties involved. Employee morale will improve almost immediately, and as we all know, a happy employee is a productive employee. If you feel your company might be lagging behind, consider hiring a Sarasota HR consultant to analyze the situation and uncover any problems that may exist.

    Of course, we would be incorrect in telling you that all problems with employees are solved easily. It could be that the employees you currently have are just not working out the way you have hoped. It is a difficult situation for employers, especially those who run a small business, to have to make the tough decision to let someone go. However, when you work with a Sarasota HR consultant like LandrumHR, we can take care of the situation for you. We will make sure your company has fulfilled all legal requirements that go along with dismissing an employee, and we can help you make sure that problems such as these are avoided in the future.

    Just like no two of our customers are the same, you will find that not all Sarasota human resources consulting firms are the same. LandrumHR sets itself apart from our competition by providing amazing customer service, customizing our HR strategies to your company, and streamlining solutions through four decades of experience. We have worked with thousands of different customers, and we would love to add your company to the list.

    Let one of our Sarasota HR consultants guide you on your way toward a more efficient company. It does not matter if you want to outsource everything, only part of your HR department, or just want us to look over your existing department to see if it is running at its peak performance, LandrumHR can help. We will give you an honest assessment of any problem areas, provide you with long term solutions, and work with you to get your company where it needs to be. 

    To find out more about what LandrumHR can offer you, please contact us at (800) 888-0472. Here’s to your success!

    We offer HR consulting services in most states from our offices in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Columbia SC, and Asheville, NC.