• Interviewing & Hiring Training OnDemand

    Job interviews are conducted by every organization, regardless of size or scope, because they are an important part of the selection and hiring process. With ever-evolving anti-discrimination laws, interviewers may feel like they are navigating a minefield when trying to find the right fit for their job openings. Therefore, leaders must equip themselves with practical skills to effectively select the right applicant and the legal knowledge to avoid litigation.
    This webinar discusses how interviewers can guard themselves against common mistakes and how an effective interview is prepared, conducted, and properly concluded. 

    Watch now to learn how:
    • Turnover impacts their organization
    • Technical and performance skills are differentiated
    • Job applicants are best encouraged to reveal their “soft” skills
    • Legal concerns must be considered
    • Peer interviews can be used to enrich the quality of the selection process
    • Communication with non-selected applicants should be handled
    Interviewing & Hiring Training