• Employee Performance Review

    Reviewing employees regularly not only gives them the opportunity to better understand expectations, standards and rules, but it tells the employee that you care and that they're worth the time to give them a review. Additionally, they give you an opportunity to get to know your employee better, identifying strengths and weaknesses that may not always surface on an everyday basis. Take a look at this sample of an effective performance review below.

  • Dress and Grooming Policy

    We know that your workplace has a dress code, and, depending on how much interaction the employee has with the customers, it may be more or less formal. Perhaps you have a standard uniform, or maybe certain grooming policies must be kept when handling sensitive items like food. The following dress code example will help you establish your expectations to the employee.

  • Bookkeeper Job Description

    A job description provides a guideline to employees of what is expected in the role they'll be taking at your company. These job descriptions will help us find candidates with the right skill set you're looking for. Take a look at a sample of an effective job description below.

  • Effective Employee Discipline and Documentation

    Disciplining employees is a difficult part of supervision and management. Incidents should be well documented by the supervisor to back up any such employment action decision, protecting the employer from being thought of as discriminatory. Effective documentation shows the reason for discipline and a fair and consistent way of dealing with employees and incidents that may occur.