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How do I know my HR policies are in compliance with the new employment law revisions?

There has never been another time in modern day history when so many employment law changes have been made or proposed. Just since January, 2009, both FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) have gone through major amendments. LandrumHR's Human Resources Assessment will help determine where you stand in this ever changing world of employment law, and can help give you a peace of mind about your employment practices.

Is my employee handbook out of date?

Laws can change from day to day. Federal and state employment law is certainly not immune to change, as we have seen in the many revisions and proposed amendments made to major employment laws in 2009. Your employee handbook should reflect those changes so that it can serve as a communication tool for your employees. With our Employee Handbook review, our experts can help.

Are my HR forms getting too old?

As with employee handbooks, any employment forms you use should reflect current rules and regulations. For example, you wouldn't want to use a form that asks an applicant to indicate marital status or whether he/she has been arrested, which could inadvertently place your company in a vulnerable position for a discrimination claim. With our Human Resources Assessment, LandrumHR will make sure your employment forms avoid asking questions that could get you in trouble, as well as to provide you with the pertinent data you need.

What is an I-9 form?

Form I-9 is a form required by the U.S. government that shows your employees are legally eligible to work in the United States. Many government entities have authority to review I-9's, and fees and sanctions can add up quickly if there are any mistakes or omissions. Through our Human Resources Assessment, LandrumHR can show you the right way to complete the I-9 on each employee, so that you can avoid costly fees.

What if one of my employees complains they weren't paid properly?

Wage and hour laws require employees to be paid according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and state law. There are many nuances of this law which often makes it difficult to know how to appropriately pay an employee. For example, if an employee works overtime and earns bonuses or commissions in addition to their regular pay, there are steps that must be taken to ensure overtime pay is calculated correctly. With ongoing HR assistance, LandrumHR On-Call can also be available if and when a question arises regarding wages.

What if I have some employee relations issues?

There are many types of employee relations issues ranging from basic employee counseling, coaching, conflict resolution or resolving complaints. The range of potential issues is endless. Through LandrumHR On-Call, expert advice is just a phone call away! We'll be there to walk with you through those sticky employment issues.

What if I only need an HR Manager every once in a while?

LandrumHR On-Call is the answer to your needs! When you need us, we'll be there to help. Your business will have a LandrumHR expert dedicated to knowing your business so that when you call, we'll be familiar with your operations and can respond to your specific needs.

Can LandrumHR be available when I have an employee issue?

Yes! There are many ways in which LandrumHR can serve your specific needs, even if it's just the peace of mind to know you have an expert ear to talk to when needed. LandrumHR On-Call is our way of meeting your needs, when you need us!

What do I do if I know there's a problem concerning my employees, but I don't know what it is?

Unlike morale issues and high turnover, sometimes you can tell something is "off" with your employees but you have no way to define the problem. Our focus groups and surveys are able to pinpoint real issues that may not be uncovered any other way. We'll convey your employees' issues to you, and provide guidance on how to address those issues.

What do I do if I think my company has a morale problem?

There may have been a specific event that sparked a morale issue, or things may just seem "not right"; therefore, you suspect there may be low morale among your employees. LandrumHR's focus groups and surveys are proven to help determine the exact nature of the issue(s), and take the guess-work out of the equation.

Why do I have such a hard time finding and keeping good employees?

Do you have high turnover but don't know why? Are you losing your top people? LandrumHR's focus groups and surveys can show you why this is happening. Our process not only shows you the issue(s), but we provide insight and guidance on action steps you can take to turn around your turnover problem.

Do my supervisors need training?

Your supervisors represent you in everything they do. In other words, if a supervisor doesn't handle a situation appropriately, it is you and your company that doesn't handle the situation appropriately. Therefore, supervisors should be periodically trained in the many different areas in which their decisions and actions (or inactions) can affect your business. LandrumHR's customized approach is different than other "cookie cutter" training programs, and we design a meaningful and effective plan to meet your specific training needs.

How do I know my HR policies are in compliance with the new employment law revisions? There has never been another time in modern day history when so many employment law changes have been made or prop

Treating your employees consistently, appropriately and with dignity and respect are some of the best ways to avoid a claim of discrimination, harassment, hostile work environment, or even wrongful termination. If one supervisor treats employees differently than another supervisor, it could potentially place your company in a position to receive such a complaint. LandrumHR has an effective training program than can help you and your supervisors protect your company.

Why do I need job descriptions?

Job descriptions, job performance and pay go hand-in-hand. Employees are paid based on how well they perform a job. How well someone performs a job can't be determined without knowing the job responsibilities. So ultimately, a job description is the heartbeat of a job position. Accurate and thorough job descriptions serve a vital role in determining whether a position qualifies to be exempt from overtime, and also provides important information to employees' physicians in order for them to determine if an employee can perform the essential functions of job.

How can I be sure my employees are classified properly?

Many employers believe that by simply paying an employee a salary instead of an hourly wage, it does away with the obligation to pay overtime. It is not the job title or solely the method of payment that determines if a job position meets the Department of Labor requirements to be exempt from overtime. A person may have "Manager" or "Supervisor" in their job title, but if certain criteria aren't met the employee may be entitled to overtime even if they are paid a salary. Accurate and thorough job descriptions play a vital role in determining whether a position qualifies to be exempt from overtime. Through LandrumHR's Human Resources Assessment, a certified HR expert can also review (or create) your job descriptions and provide valuable feedback regarding the appropriate classification according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

How do I ensure that my employees avoid work-related injuries?

OSHA reports that 85% of all work place injuries are the result of unsafe acts…the remaining 15% are due to unsafe conditions. Consequently, the focus has to be on employee behavior. On-going safety awareness is crucial, and each employee should be held accountable for their actions. To reduce or prevent "unsafe acts" incidents, trained and skilled supervisors are the most effective method to convey safety awareness to the work force. With our comprehensive safety assessment, LandrumHR's Risk Management experts can provide valuable (and sometimes required) training to your supervisors and employees, as well as guidance and assistance in developing safety campaigns, rewards and recognition programs, and general safety awareness.

How do I know if my benefits stack up to other employers?

The marketplace is ever-changing, and the benefits employers provide to their employees can be a determining factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. LandrumHR's Benefits Review compares your company's offerings to the current marketplace, and provides valuable feedback on "best practices" standards as well as trends that may be evolving. Our review also covers compliance guidelines with benefits-related employment laws, including retirement plan laws and the recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which has required major COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act) compliance changes since the passing of President Obama's stimulus package in 2009.

What do I do if an employee says they are being harassed at work?

If an employee complains of harassment, there is a legal requirement for employers to thoroughly and promptly investigate to determine if illegal harassment is taking place, and to take appropriate action. The result of the complaint investigation is what determines what appropriate action, if any, should be taken. LandrumHR's certified HR experts are experienced in conducting fair investigations that get to the truth. We will determine the facts from the information provided to us, give a report of the findings, and if desired we will provide guidance and advice on appropriate actions to take.

How do I report a work related injury?

The form below lists the procedures you must follow when reporting on-the-job injuries.

Reporting a Work-Related Injury