Snow Scene with injuries

December is always an exciting and hectic time for most people - employees included!   You can reduce the possibility of workplace injuries, increase overall productivity, have greater employee satisfaction, and more success as a company by paying close attention to the following risk factors and developing strategies to reduce them during this holiday season.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – In the US, more than 32,000 deaths and 2 million injuries occur each year.  During the month of December more people are driving due to holiday shopping and travel.  Consider this increased risk when employees are asked to travel to perform work related duties and / or errands.

  • Ice and Snow – Depending upon where you live, winter months bring the possibility of snow and ice. These conditions increase the risk of slip and fall injuries – a leading cause of workplace injuries.  Make sure all parking areas and walking paths are routinely evaluated to identify and treat hazardous conditions if found.

  • Colds and Flu – Did you know that the common cold is the main reason employees miss work?  Combat this by providing reminders for hand hygiene practices, hand sanitizer and tissues in common areas such as restrooms, break areas and reception desks.  CDC has a variety of great posters that you can print and post!  

  • Distractions – Whether it’s Christmas shopping, preparing goodies for school or work parties, or making vacation plans – December is a time when many people are juggling more tasks than normal. Consider these additional stressors on team members when making work schedules or engaging in projects -- particularly those that may have greater risk associated with the tasks.     

  • Fatigue –  ‘Tis the season for employees to arrive at work tired before their work day begins! Unusual tasks such as Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, and baking result in fewer hours of sleep.  Ensure a frequent presence among your team so you may identify members who may be putting themselves or others at risk due to exhaustion.  Use this time to remind employees about proper safety protocols and provide praise to team members who are observed doing the right thing!   
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