Untitled-design-(1).pngHave you seen an employee slip, trip or fall at work? Same-level slip, trip, and fall hazards can exist anywhere at any business. Unless these hazards are identified, every step that is taken throughout the day by an employee or patron could hold a potential risk.  Causing 25% of all reported work-related injuries and 15% of all workplace accidental deaths - slips, trips, and falls are preventable1.

As an employer, it is a good idea to review past injury reports to look for specific problem areas, but because slips and falls are embarrassing, many people are reluctant to tell anyone about a slip or fall that doesn't result in an injury.  In order to identify potential areas where slips, trips, and falls could occur, LandrumHR recommends performing hazard assessments and  routine safety audits to identify possible hazards that may contribute to a slip and fall injury.  Some areas where a slip and trip could occur include indoor & outdoor surface changes, parking lots, sidewalks, near landscaping, near entrances and exits, areas with inadequate lighting, and areas that could become slippery in wet weather conditions.  If you would like LandrumHR to assist with determining the slickness of your floors and to perform a safety audit to identify slip, trip, and fall hazards, contact us at safety@landrumhr.com. 

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