• Keeping Turnover Low and Survival High

    This report shows that small businesses in PEO arrangements have higher growth rates than other small businesses, and small business executives who use PEOs are better able to focus their attention on the core business. Research shows that PEO clients have lower employee turnover rates and lower rates of business failure than comparable national averages.         

  • Fueling Small Business Growth

    Professional employer organizations (PEOs) – with their extensive array of HR services and employee benefits – are now uniquely positioned and have significant potential to help businesses better meet their challenges in the face of today’s demanding economic conditions. This white paper explores how PEO clients are faring relative to other companies.   

  • An Economic Analysis: The PEO Industry Footprint

    Research shows that PEO clients grow more quickly than comparable other businesses, doing so with lower rates of employee turnover and higher rates of year-to-year business survival. The growing PEO industry is driven by a rebounding small business sector, an increase in the use of outsourcing by small businesses, and the rise of complicated employment regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).