June 15, 2020

Going remote: LandrumHR makes rapid change to remote work

PENSACOLA, FLA. – June 16, 2020 - When COVID-19 hit, the employers and employees served by LandrumHR needed the HR and staffing company’s support and expertise to survive the crisis.

To serve those clients, LandrumHR quickly adapted to a remote workforce to keep its staff on the job and connected.

LandrumHR's forward-thinking infrastructure made it easier for the company to quickly transition to a remote workforce, providing its wide range of services without disruption.

"Our technology enabled us to move quickly for the health and welfare of our staff," said Britt Landrum, III, President and CEO of LandrumHR. "Our employees’ ability to pivot to remote work without a drop in productivity is a testament not only to our adoption of innovative service technologies, but to our teams and leaders.”

Last June, LandrumHR acquired hrQ, a human capital consulting and search company with a 100 percent remote workforce and teams located all over the country. The firm’s ability to work as a team and build client relationships without physical office locations inspired LandrumHR leadership to explore remote work options for employees as well.

“Having a remote workforce has been part of our long-term plan,” said Landrum. “This was just the spark that put it into action sooner than we expected.”

By adopting many of the successful practices of hrQ, LandrumHR leveraged its collaborative communications and workflow technologies to make a 180 degree turn to remote work and services over a single weekend. Employees left the office on a Friday, expecting a two-day remote test run the following week. Instead, by Monday, everyone shifted gears to full-time, remote work. The company plans to keep the majority of employees working remotely.

On the clients’ side, cutting-edge systems that manage daily needs and communications allowed for a seamless switch.

“Because our teams are in such close contact with clients – and each other – many of our clients did not even realize we had transitioned to remote work,” said Landrum. “Our clients have relationships with individual people, and our technology solutions allowed them to remain in contact and receive services without interruption.”

Employees have been happy with the change to remote work, Landrum said. “We’re a close-knit team, so one of the few issues is people missing seeing their co-workers every day," he said. "Online meetings and chat help, but we're planning face-to-face opportunities when everyone feels comfortable with in-person meet-ups.”

“In the meantime, we encourage online ‘watercooler’ conversations that help build relationships and camaraderie.”

LandrumHR is also working with employees to streamline policies, improve cybersecurity and manage workflow while working from home offices. Like many companies with a remote workforce, LandrumHR is considering office space that will offer a place for client meetings and company events in the future.

“We’ve seen a lot of changes throughout our 50 years, but every challenge has presented an opportunity to grow, to get better, and to help our clients do the same,” said Landrum. “As the world moves toward a more remote workforce, we’ll be able to use our successes and what we’ve learned from our first-hand experience to keep our clients ahead of the curve.

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