September 22, 2020

LandrumHR Workforce Solutions Moves to New Location

Pensacola, FL – Sept. 22, 2020 – LandrumHR Workforce Solutions is moving! Effective October 5th, the staffing service is moving to 6715 Plantation Rd., next door to the former LandrumHR headquarters in Pensacola, Florida.

The 5,000-sq.-foot building underwent extensive renovations to accommodate the needs of the growing Workforce Solutions division. The new layout includes interview rooms, a candidate testing area and workspace for LandrumHR recruiters. The building will also house sales and customer service. The company will be moving its corporate headquarters to a prominent space in downtown Pensacola and has listed its property at 6723 Plantation Road for sale. 

For job candidates, the new Workforce Solutions location means LandrumHR can resume walk-in inquiries about employment while adhering to social distancing guidelines. Candidates can also have face-to-face interaction with their LandrumHR representative for interviews and questions about employment processes. 

“The new location allows our team to continue finding meaningful employment for people in our community,” said Mandy Sacco, president of Workforce Solutions.  “And now that much of our internal workforce is remote, the new space also provides a place for employees to come together for meetings, trainings and other collaborative efforts that are more productive in an in-person environment.”

Social distancing, frequent cleaning, nightly deep cleaning and hand sanitizer availability are all part of the plan to keep candidates and visitors safe in the new location. 

LandrumHR is celebrating 50 years of “making the business of people easier” on the gulf coast. The two new locations are the latest in a series of transformations the company has undergone since 2019, which have included the acquisition of hrQ Inc. in July 2019, and a move to a primarily remote workforce in March 2020. 

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