• PEO Services For Non-Profit Organizations

    It’s important to recognize that non-profits have unique needs and face different challenges than for-profit companies. Limited staff resources, decreased budgets, and a deep focus on your organization’s mission make it difficult to dedicate the necessary effort towards important HR functions.

    Many non-profits also face additional barriers in attracting and retaining talent compared to for-profit companies. This added challenge comes from non-profit organizations often not being able to match the pay that for-profit businesses can.

    Our PEO services take the responsibility of HR off of your plate, allowing you to concentrate on achieving your organization's mission. You'll also be in a better position to attract and retain highly-skilled talent. 

    When you partner with LandrumHR, we provide you with peace of mind for the full spectrum of HR needs. 

    Reliable Support

    When you have questions or need help, we’ll be there. Your time is too valuable to be stuck on hold waiting for help.

    Employment Law Compliance

    We handle the heavy lifting of navigating complex labor laws to ensure your organization is in compliance.


    Our easy-to-use system makes processing payroll simple, while eliminating potential costly errors for your organization.

    Employee Benefits

    Use our access to group rates to offer your staff exceptional benefits, while we take care of plan enrollment and other administrative tasks.


    Easily manage employees’ hours worked, track time-off requests, and access essential reports at any time.

    Risk Management

    From beginning to end, we manage the entire workers' compensation process, ensuring claims are handled quickly and accurately.


    What LandrumHR Has Achieved for Other Non Profits

    As the CEO of a member owned financial cooperative, staff satisfaction and career development are incredibly important to me.  The internal service we provide translates to how we treat those that bank with us.  We have worked with LandrumHR for several years, and their HR knowledge, benefits support, and payroll systems have helped us to continue to develop programs that continue to support our team through the challenges presented by evolving HR regulation, the evolution of motivational techniques, and keeping up with current benefit programs.

    Mike Akers
    Bay Credit Union (a not-for-profit organization)

    The team at LandrumHR is always quick to respond to any issue I have, whether they are quick questions they can answer, or questions for a different department. I trust LandrumHR, which is important when you are handling different HR issues.
    Shannon Krupa
    Ronald McDonald House

    Achieve Your Non-Profit Goals with LandrumHR

    If you’re ready to put more focus on your organization’s mission and less on HR, LandrumHR is here to help.

    Contact our team today to get started.

    Frequently Asked Questions About PEOs and Non-Profits

    Take a look at answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about non-profits and PEOs.

    1. Can a Non-Profit Organization Work with a PEO?

    There are no legal restrictions that prevent a non-profit from working with a PEO. Non-profit organizations are free to select and partner with any PEO they choose.

    2. What Can a PEO do for a Non-Profit?

    While many PEOs differ in terms of the services they provide, most PEOs provide non-profits with:
    • A Human Resources Information System (HRIS)
    • Payroll services and support
    • Employee benefits administration
    • Employment law compliance
    • Risk management
    • Workers' compensation management

    3. What Should a Non-Profit Look For in a PEO?

    The specific needs of a non-profit organization will ultimately determine what should be looked for when vetting and partnering with a PEO.

    For example, if your organization is primarily concerned with obtaining affordable employee benefits for your staff, the cost of the employee benefits program will likely be the main factor for you. Similarly, if payroll has been a pain point for you, you’ll want to ensure your PEO partner has an easy-to-use system and support team that will improve your current process.

    Beyond specific needs, experience with other non-profit organizations is important. If a PEO has documented expertise in working with other non-profit organizations, they’re likely a trustworthy and reliable partner.

    4. How Does a Non-Profit Partner With a PEO?

    To partner with a PEO, non-profit organizations should go through the following steps:
    1. Contact potential PEOs and request service and pricing information.
    2. Provide organizational information that’s needed to receive a quote from the PEO.
    3. If possible, conduct a walkthrough or demo of the PEO’s HRIS to ensure it’s easy to use.
    4. Once you’ve selected which PEO you want to partner with, sign a service agreement.

    5. Do PEO Services Also Work for Not-for-Profit Organizations?

    Yes. Despite the differences between non-profit and not-for-profit organizations, PEOs provide similar services and benefits. PEO providers, like LandrumHR, customize their services to meet the specific needs and requirements of the organization they work with based on their business type, number of employees, and more.