Save yourself time and effort by using a Pensacola human resource staffing company to find your new hires. You will be able to focus more on business operations while knowing you’re going to end up with the perfect match for your company.

  • How HR Staffing Companies Work

    Pensacola employee staffing companies take the hiring process out of your hands while keeping you in control.

    When you come to LandrumHR for your staffing needs, we will work with you to determine what qualifications you are looking for, and base our recruitment process according to your goals. We will screen every applicant carefully, making sure the pool is only made up of people who could fit the bill for your particular job vacancy.

    Consider this: instead of having to recruit, screen, and interview candidates, we will do this for you. We will interview potential candidates, having them meet with our expert hiring specialists. We also take care of screening activities like reference checks, criminal background checks, drug screens, skill assessments, and any other checks you would like performed.

    The result is a carefully selected pool of potential hires that have been vetted to the full extent. This attention to detail makes every hire through LandrumHR a high-quality appointment.

    Many companies have had the unfortunate experience of investing a lot of time and work into hiring, putting their hopes into a candidate that appears to be perfect, only to find that they missed something during screening. If the candidate turns out not to be a suitable hire, your hiring team is back at square one. You can avoid that scenario completely when you use our pre-screening system to weed through candidates from the beginning.

    You retain control over your employees. We will identify the best candidates possible, but you will be able to have the final say.

  • Flexibility Through Pensacola Staffing

    When you outsource your hiring to LandrumHR, we make it easy to tailor staffing to any situation. This can be said whether you are looking for a long-term, direct hire, or for someone to fill in a temporary gap.

    Temporary staffing through LandrumHR lets your business scale up and down as needed. Despite the fluctuations in your staffing levels, you can be confident that every potential employee has gone through our vigorous screening program. Many Pensacola temporary staffing agencies have employees to offer, but few offer the employees that will fit in well with your company.

    Consider using our temporary to hire option if your business circumstances are likely to change or if you are not ready to commit to a permanent hire. If you really like a candidate who is working on a shorter-term basis, it is always possible to offer them permanent employment at a later date.

    We make it easy to fill vacancies quickly, even if they are temporary positions. When you need someone to come in and work, we will find the perfect person for the role, and quickly have them placed with your company. Whatever your employment needs, LandrumHR will manage it for you.

  • All Industries Served Through Pensacola Direct Hire Staffing

    We have placed excellent employees with a large number of different client companies. Our staffing solutions work well across every industry, thanks to our varied applicant pool and our careful screening process. Our practices ensure that each candidate is extremely qualified for their position, no matter how specialized it may be. From accounting to manufacturing, LandrumHR’s hiring service is great for every industry.

  • Why Should You Recruit and Hire Through LandrumHR?

    Some of the benefits of working with a Pensacola employee staffing company like LandrumHR are obvious. You will save yourself the time and effort of working through the entire recruiting and hiring process on your own. With an hiring specialist handling your recruiting, your company and its resources can be set to more pressing work.

    In addition to saving you time and money, we will use the latest technology and industry improvements to ensure we are searching for the very best candidates available. We will streamline your hiring process, while making it easier to find the best of the best. Instead of having your human resources team worry about how much they are spending on recruitment and how long it is taking to find the ideal candidate, leave it to us and our proven systems.

    We will also free up your existing HR department to handle human resources needs beyond recruiting and staffing. HR is complex and the people in a human resources department need to be able to focus on the needs of all employees. By taking staffing out of their hands, you are likely to improve overall employee satisfaction, because your HR team, and/or hiring managers, will be free to address other issues.

    If you have a company with a variety of different departments, hiring processes may differ across the entire company. We can address this. Our hiring process is streamlined and consistent. Candidates will know what to expect when they are matched with your business. In our experience, a consistent, readily-understandable hiring process makes people more excited to work with you. It also reduces confusion for your existing employees.

    Employees are the backbone of your company. To keep your business strong, you need to hire the best candidates out there. Make that easy by outsourcing it to a Pensacola HR staffing service like LandrumHR, and watch your success soar. To learn more, please contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer HR staffing services for employers in Okaloosa and Walton counties through our Fort Walton Beach office, and in Bay County at our Panama City office..