The process of hiring a new employee can be complicated and exhausting. Hiring a new employee can take a lot of time and be very costly. If you do it alone, you need to draft job descriptions, look over applications, and conduct interviews with lots of candidates. LandrumHR can save you time and money with our Panama City staffing services. We will put our more than forty years of experience to work for you to find you excellent candidates so you can focus on your business operations.
  • How HR Staffing Companies Work

    Staffing agencies can take control of the hiring process for you based on your candidate criteria. We can assist you with temporary placements, temp-to-perm, or direct hire staffing.
    The experienced team at LandrumHR will work with you throughout the entire process, from determining what you are looking for in a candidate, to finding the right match for your business. We screen every applicant thoroughly so we can be sure our network will include applicants who meet your requirements.
    Instead of having to handle recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates by yourself, we do this for you. We will interview qualified candidates, have them meet with our trained human resource specialists, and handle all screening activities such as reference checks, criminal background checks, drug screens, skills assessments, and any other additional tests that may be necessary.
    By doing our due diligence with our screening process, we have a carefully selected pool of candidates that we have assessed extensively. Our attention to detail ensures every hire through LandrumHR staffing services is of top tier caliber.
    Companies invest a significant amount of time and money into the hiring process, only to put their faith in a candidate that disappoints the company or leaves prematurely. If this happens, you will have to start your hiring process all over again. This situation can be avoided, however, when you hire LandrumHR to conduct your employee screenings. You will always have the final say of whether or not a candidate will be hired, but it is our job to deliver to you the best candidates possible.

  • Flexibility Through Panama City Staffing

    One of the benefits of outsourcing the hiring process to LandrumHR is that we can provide staffing services to virtually any industry. Whether you are looking for a long-term direct hire, or are interested in temporary staffing, our team can help you scale your business as needed. Every single one of our potential candidates has been evaluated through our strenuous screening program. One of the problems many employers run into with other staffing agencies is the quality of candidates that are sent their way.
    Temp-to-hire staffing options are ideal if your business circumstances are unsure or if you cannot commit to a permanent hire at this time. If you hire a temporary candidate who is working under a short-term contract, you can always decide to hire them permanently and extend their contract later on.
    Our staffing and screening process makes it easy to fill job openings rapidly, whether they are short term or long term positions. As soon as you decide you need to hire someone new, we will do everything we can to find the perfect candidate to fill the position. No matter what your staffing needs are, our dedicated team at LandrumHR can help you.

  • All Industries Served Through Panama City Direct Hire Staffing

    Over the years, we have placed thousands of exceptional employees with a wide variety of clients. Our staffing solutions can work with any industry due to our broad applicant pool and thorough screening process. LandrumHR will make sure that every candidate is not only qualified for the position, but is a good fit for your business. Our team has worked with industries such as accounting, legal, healthcare, and manufacturing just to name a few.

  • Why Should You Recruit and Hire Through LandrumHR?

    LandrumHR has built a reputation for being one of Panama City’s premier staffing companies and permanent hire recruiters. With our HR experts overseeing the recruiting process, you can focus on your business while we take care of the more time-consuming tasks. This will save your business from having to put anything on hold while you take care of the hiring process on your own.
    On top of saving your business money in the long run, we also utilize technology to help us search for the best candidates on the market. We can help you streamline the hiring process so that your HR department does not have to go through this process alone.
    Our process, which includes the use of our premier system and database, will free up your HR team to focus on the employees that you have already hired and make sure that current staff needs are being met. Human resources management is very demanding. If your HR team does not have to worry about staffing needs, your current employees are more likely to be satisfied with their work experience.
    If your business is large enough to have different departments, the hiring process may be different for each division of your company. LandrumHR has experience with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the scale of your business and your recruiting needs, our staffing services remain consistent. We will always inform candidates of what to expect from your company, as this makes candidates feel more comfortable and minimizes confusion.
    It’s no secret that employees help the company be successful. To keep a business going strong, you need to hire the most qualified candidates. Let us help you ease the burden of hiring new employees with our Panama City staffing services. Watch your business grow. To learn more, please contact us at (800) 888-0472.

    We also offer HR staffing services for employers in Okaloosa and Walton counties through our Fort Walton Beach office, and Escambia and Santa Rosa counties at our Pensacola office.