• Why Outplacement Services?

    Outplacement services are a valuable tool for employers. They not only help transition your employees back into the workforce, but can provide support from a business perspective as well. Utilizing outplacement services allows you to:

    • Offer assistance and maintain healthy relationships with displaced employees,
    • Reduce your liability and avoid potential legal action, and
    • Send the right message to your current employees: That you’re here to help them, no matter what happens.

  • How It Works

    Our outplacement services assist employees in transitioning back into the workforce following a layoff or separation of employment.  Our services can help build confidence and provide focus so employees can quickly and efficiently get back to work.

    Our process includes:

    1. Plan separation strategy and severance agreement decisions
    2. On-site assistance in announcement to employee(s)
    3. Care and education of employee(s) following separation
    4. 30 minutes per week of hiring advice from an HR Specialist for up to 10 business days

  • How We Care for Your Employees

    Our outplacement services offer everything employees need to make a positive career transition, including career advice, job search pointers, resume assistance, interview practice and more!

    As part of our outplacement services, your employee(s) will receive: 

    1. A comprehensive group presentation covering topics such as:
      1. Creating/updating your resume
      2. Job search resources
      3. Interview preparation
      4. Job application completion
      5. Update on local job market
      6. Question & answer session
    2. Registration with LandrumHR’s staffing division
    3. Mock interview sessions
    4. Group or individual meeting with an HR Specialist to:
      1. Provide a variety of resume templates
      2. Review resume and offer feedback
      3. Demonstrate use of job search boards
      4. Assist with creating accounts on job search boards
      5. Answer questions
    5. Handouts on topics covered in the presentation and other assistance provided

  • Success Stories

    “Here at Pen Air Federal Credit Union, we have partnered with LandrumHR to provide a variety of services over the years. One of the more recent services we have engaged is the Outplacement Services package. Often, helping someone re-establish themselves in a career is the right approach. LandrumHR handles these situations with respect, professional guidance, and follow through to help guide their client to a successful job and organizational match.  As part of our Serve First core value, Pen Air embraces the opportunity to play a part in continued career growth for the individual.  LandrumHR's Outplacement Services allows us to do just that.”   –Dana Mullins, Pen Air Federal Credit Union