December 23, 2021

For businesses and employees, HR firm works to improve community

In 2020, LandrumHR had a year the company would never forget; they celebrated their golden anniversary and turned 50. Like many businesses adapting to the new normal, they toasted the key milestone with a virtual employee celebration in late summer.

However, it was not just a testament to their own staying power, but a tribute to how much they had achieved in helping other businesses keep their doors open and cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

As a full-service human capital partner in this community, they had provided expert human resources solutions to support their clients when they needed it most. In fact, a study found businesses working with companies like LandrumHR fared significantly better during the pandemic than those that didn’t.

Looking back to the company’s early days, they’ve had a history of thriving during difficult times and staying true to their commitment to the community and coming together in times of need. 

Founded in 1970 right here in Pensacola while the nation was in the midst of a recession, the initial team was small — consisting of just two employees.

Still, they managed to build a successful human resources company from the ground up, while maintaining their values of “Learn-Share-Grow.”

Today, they are a second-generation, family-owned company which fosters personal relationships with hundreds of clients across the country. This approach has also found its way into a longstanding tradition of community service and financial donations.

For businesses, they provide HR and workforce solutions, and for job-seekers, they simplify the process by matching their skills to the right positions. They also provide full-service HR outsourcing for payroll, benefits and other services, as well as in-house HR consulting through a Denver, Colorado-based company they recently acquired, hrQ.

Along with helping businesses create strength and stability, they have been working to build a better community.

Throughout the year, they invest in community projects and sponsor a wide range of local events and philanthropic activities around Northwest Florida, including programs supporting financial literacy for young people through mentoring.

They have provided support to local chambers of commerce and associations to help businesses, as well as initiatives focused on promoting women leaders.

Their corporate culture of community service goes all the way to the top. The company’s president and CEO Britt Landrum III, volunteers extensively with Junior Achievement and has taught many 16-week entrepreneurship programs for kids in Title I schools.

Interestingly enough, Landrum studied sociology with a concentration in social work before joining the team at LandrumHR after graduating from college. Now he leads the company through servant leadership.

During the holidays, LandrumHR employees also come together each year to coordinate gifts for nearly two dozen families through the FamiliesFirst Network, which serves Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton counties. Nearly 40 employees helped raise $4,000.

No matter what the circumstances in Pensacola and the surrounding areas, they’ve helped.

When Hurricane Michael made landfall on Oct. 10, 2018, many homes and businesses in Bay County and surrounding areas were ravaged. To support hurricane relief, they donated chainsaws and provided monetary assistance.

However, perhaps the greatest storm they weathered has been the pandemic.

Throughout the pandemic, LandrumHR helped people find the right jobs — and worked to keep them employed. They recruited employees to fill pandemic-related staffing gaps and provided COVID-19 advisories and support. It was work which would save businesses.

research study by the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), which analyzed data from early 2020 to July 2021, found businesses who partnered with a company like LandrumHR had more stability during the pandemic.

It found businesses working with a full service HR company were 58% less likely to have permanently closed — and 82% more likely to have business operations back to normal or better. When companies work with LandrumHR, they have peace of mind thanks to the co-employment relationship.

When it was needed most, LandrumHR had HR experts for up-to-date guidance and other compliance issues. They helped employees transition to remote or hybrid work, and remained a resource for attracting and retaining talent.

Now, as the year ends, and they have crossed the half-century mark, their efforts to build better businesses and communities and ability to make the business of people easier remain stronger than ever.

To learn more about LandrumHR and its recently acquired consulting company, hrQ,visit or

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