Selena S.

Recruiter I

Throughout her experience with previous employment orientations, Selena found herself wishing that she was a part of the onboarding team. The feeling never went away and that’s when she figured that she’d be happier changing her major to HR Management. Selena's mother-in-law works in HR as well. Seeing the reputation that LandrumHR has and the respect that came with representing the company, Selena knew that it was something that she wanted to be a part of. She enjoys being able to teach and model the culture and responsibilities that comes with being an employee and is passionate about helping others. In her free time, Selena enjoys knitting blankets and cooking pasta recipes. Her and her husband love to binge watch a Netflix show while cuddling with their three-year-old lab/pit mix named Kilo. Selena also enjoys being outdoors, playing with her dog named Kilo, and eating good food.


Univeristy of West Florida | B.S.B.A. in HR Management with a minor in Marketing


Trainer at Newks Eatery, Interviewer for LandrumHR, HR Assistant for Covenant Care

Meet Selena: